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Kani House in Cumming scores 37 on recent health inspection
Sushi restaurant cited for expired squid, improper handling of fish
Kani House

A sushi restaurant in Cumming is bringing in out-of-town managers to help bring the eatery back up to code after failing a recent health inspection.

Kani House, located at 1770 Market Place Boulevard, earned a 37 on a Forsyth County Health Department routine inspection on Aug. 28 for several violations including cooked squid not being discarded within seven days, unsatisfactory managerial controls and employees touching sushi with uncovered hands.

“This week, we’ve had extra supervisors here from other locations as well to go over our staff and have more supervision so that we can go over their actions and understand what is needed to correct the mistakes that they have made,” Manager Narai Park said.

A 69 or less is considered failing, and establishments that fail are re-visited within 10 days. The second visit has not happened yet.

“She said that would be probably, due to the holiday, next week some time,” Park said.

Several of the violations were related to cooks preparing sushi.

Points were removed for an employee touching his clothes with gloved hands then touching food, an employee washing gloved hands on a wet cloth, an employee touching sushi with bare hands, employees washing their hands at the prep sink and using dish soap and an employee’s being drink near the prop area.

Park said several of those violations were due to new employees undergoing training.

“We happened to have a couple of trainees and, unfortunately, when she came they did not have their gloves on, so that was a major issue and the fact that they weren’t properly trained to wash their hands,” she said. “Instead of washing their hands in the proper sink, they went to another sink.”

There were also violations for raw fish being removed from the original container and for not being able to verify its source, for ice cream being portioned in cups not covered in cooler, for food being held at improper temperatures, for mislabeled imitation crab and others.

The restaurant also received a violation for sushi rice, which must be replaced every four hours, not being properly labeled, which Park said was due to a chef putting the wrong date and scratching it out. That took nine points off the score.

Park said the restaurant is not risky for customers and that the store bringing in other managers would help address the issues.

“They would have shut us down if they felt we were a health risk to the public or had committed anything that would have been a concern for immediate hazard,” she said. “They wanted to point out the things we needed to improve.”