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Marco's Pizza, The Oaks at Post Road fail health inspections
Both passed after follow-up
Marcos WEB

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A north Forsyth branch of a pizza franchise and an assisted living facility in west Forsyth both failed health inspections in January but have since received passing scores after a re-inspection.

Marco’s Pizza, located at 2840 Keith Bridge Road (Hwy. 306 east) near Ga. 400, was issued a 65 on Jan. 13 during a routine Forsyth County Environmental Health Department inspection for violations that included employee sanitation, drink nozzles that were “soiled with heavy accumulation of mold-like substance” and cheese that was one day past its seven-day limit, according to a Georgia Department of Public Health inspection report.

A 69 or less is considered failing, and establishments that fail are re-visited within 10 days.

“We have never failed before,” said Akeel Hanano, a supervisor at the eatery.

Other violations included: the person in charge could not answer questions regarding food service practices or employees’ health policy and did not have “active managerial control over food service practices”; the person certified in safe food service practices was posted at another location; employees handled money and then prepped pizza; there were no established procedures for employees to follow when responding to “vomiting or diarrheal events” within the business; employees who wore nail polish prepped pizza and did not properly restrain a ponytail.

There was also no chemical test kit available for sanitizers and no hot water at hand sinks.

The business received an 81 after re-inspection on Jan. 27, being docked for two managerial violations and for the person in charge prepping pizza with bare hands, having salad topping that were not separated from pizza toppings.

Before the failing score, Marco’s scored an 80 on May 27, 2015 and a 95 on July 7, 2015.

“We eat from that store too like everybody else, and definitely we’re not going to jeopardize the health of our family … by choosing to serve a raw product,” Hanano said.

He said the inspector told him the business will be visited again in three months.

To the west, The Oaks at Post Road, an assisted living facility located at 3875 Post Road, received a 62 on its inspection on Jan. 23 for improper storing temperatures and a food slicer that had accumulated “food debris.”

Andrew Greeson, executive director of the center, said the inspector happened to show up on the day the staff was cleaning the kitchen, so some food from the walk-in cooler was placed on counters while they cleaned.

Other violations included: Managerial training was not up to code; employees’ food and drinks were stored next to food meant for serving to residents; raw eggs were stored on top of ready-to-eat food; wet wiping cloths were stored at sinks instead of in sanitizer solution; and the back door was propped open.

“It’s disappointing and embarrassing in terms of when you look at the score,” Greeson said, “but that’s not who we are, obviously.”

He said he and his staff have learned from the incident and that “a lot of good has come out of it.”

Greeson said they “made sure everything was perfect” for the re-inspection.

“She came back and was very satisfied with how everything looked,” he said.

The Oaks earned a 97 on Feb 3, higher than the 88 the facility received both on July 25, 2016 and June 29, 2015.

The only violation on the follow-up visit was that a “container of grapes had evidence of mold-like substance.”