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Dawson County man charged with murder, cruelty to children
Full list of charges include five felonies
Jeremy Wade Gibson
Jeremy Wade Gibson

By Joshua Demarest

FCN regional staff

In a closed-door hearing Wednesday afternoon, Jeremy Wade Gibson appeared before Dawson County Chief Magistrate Judge Lisa A. Poss-Thurmond. 

Poss-Thurmond read him his charges, which include five felonies, and asked him if he understood the charges as they were presented.

The charges in the case include two counts of murder, one count cruelty to children in the first degree, one count aggravated assault/family violence, and one count possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of a crime.

The first count of murder is under O.C.G.A. 16-5-1(a), which is defined as "a person commits the offense of murder when he unlawfully and with malice aforethought, either express or implied, causes the death of another human being."

The second count of murder is under O.C.G.A. 16-5-1(c), which is defined as "a person also commits the offense of murder when, in the commission of a felony, he causes the death of another human being irrespective of malice."

Both counts stem from the same action, when Gibson is accused of shooting his wife on Monday, July 29 with his Glock Model 19 9-mm handgun multiple times in front of his children.

Gibson confirmed that he understood the charges.

Because Poss-Thurmond is a Magistrate Court judge and Georgia law only allows bond to be set in murder cases by a Superior Court judge, they were unable to determine bond. Poss-Thurmond did, however, set a preliminary hearing for Gibson in Superior Court.

He will appear on August 14, 2019 at 9 a.m. in Courtroom B on the third floor of the Dawson County Government Building.

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