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Wife killed in shooting at Dawson County fire station
Husband in custody, two children in DFCS custody
Dawson shooting
Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson and Dawson County Fire and Emergency Services Chief Danny Thompson brief the press after a man shot and killed a woman Monday July 29 in the parking lot of Dawson County Fire Station 7. - photo by Joshua Demarest

At about 7:37 p.m. Monday, operators received a “frantic” call from a woman, later identified as Amy Alexandria Gibson of Dawsonville, asking for help, according to Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson. 

“Shortly thereafter,” Johnson said, “she pulled into the parking lot of Dawson County Fire Station 7 followed by another vehicle.”

The male suspect in the second car, Jeremy Wade Gibson of Dawsonville, exited his vehicle and fired several shots into the victim’s car, striking and killing her. 

Johnson confirmed that the victim was the wife of the suspect. Both the victim and suspect were confirmed to be 44 years old.

He also confirmed that after the husband shot the wife, he turned himself in and surrendered peacefully to the unarmed firefighters at the station.

According to reports, the couple’s two children, ages 8 and 5, were in the wife’s car, but were uninjured. They were placed in DFCS custody and taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for medical evaluation.

According to Dawson County Fire and Emergency Services Chief Danny Thompson, a firefighter’s family was present at the time of the incident.

“One of our personnel did observe the shooting,” Thompson told the press. “The incident evolved so quickly and rapidly that the personnel wasn’t able to really take any measures to stop the threat once it occurred.”

“He was there with his family; he had his wife and children also at the scene,” Thompson said.

At a press conference Tuesday, Thompson was asked whether he believed the firefighters and their families were in any danger.

“I believe they were in immediate danger. This was a very dangerous situation. Firefighters across this country are unarmed,” Thompson said. “While we always are there to protect lives, save lives, that’s what we’re in the business for ... front and center in a matter of seconds, it was their lives they were looking after — their families’ lives. They took the necessary actions and precautions to do exactly that.”

“We’re always proud of our fellow firefighter brothers and sisters,” Johnson said. “A fire station should be a safe haven, and obviously that’s what this lady was looking for.”

Johnson did confirm that the sheriff’s office has a history with Jeremy Wade Gibson, but declined to comment further on the matter.

GBI is assisting with the investigation the incident.

Story by Joshua Demarest, FCN regional staff. See original story here.

Jeremy Wade Gibson
Jeremy Wade Gibson