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Forsyth man indicted for practicing dentistry without a license
Authorities say man had dental office in Hwy. 53 home
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Forsyth County News

The Forsyth County Grand Jury last week indicted a man for practicing dentistry without a license.

Marvin Efren Sandoval, 38, was arrested Jan. 31 at a Dawsonville Highway home that was equipped like a dentist’s office. He had patients waiting for services at the time of arrest.

The indictment filed Monday charges him with “knowingly and willfully practic[ing] dentistry without obtaining a license … from the Georgia Board of Dentistry.”

The alleged illegal practice was discovered when a Dawson County Sheriff’s deputy went to the Hwy. 53 home in January to serve an arrest warrant for a different person.

The deputy contacted Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office when he noticed the home appeared to be set up for a practicing dentist, according to a report of the incident.

Sandoval’s home address is listed as Mount Tabor Road on the report, but people at the Hwy. 53 home identified him as a dentist at that address.

The front room had a seating area and a coffee station set up like an office waiting room, according to the report. An adjacent room had an X-ray machine, a shelf with capsules of a local anesthetic and postal envelopes with packets of antibiotics.

The supposed examination area had two work stations “each with their own chair, lighting and other equipment,” the report states. The deputy saw two ledgers with names and dollar amounts.

Forsyth deputies spoke with a woman who said she was having her wisdom teeth pulled for $60 per tooth.

“[She] said she was here due to cheap prices for dental work,” the report states. “She didn’t know Sandoval wasn’t a licensed dentist when she scheduled the appointment, but was suspicious when she arrived to the house.”

A couple in the waiting room had stopped at the home without appointments, since the wife had previously visited for dental work.

“She knew the dentist was unlicensed, but came anyway due to the cheap cost,” the report states.

The couple spoke only Spanish, as did Sandoval, so a bilingual deputy interpreted.

Sandoval was also initially charged with two counts of sale, distribution or possession of dangerous drugs, but those charges were dismissed.