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Incident reports: Damaged graves, stabbing and shoplifting investigated
Police Lights

Damaged graves investigated

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office reports state that on Saturday, June 15, a deputy responded to a stand-alone cemetery on Pisgah Road in Forsyth County to investigate reports of damaged gravesites.

The report states that the cemetery contains about 40 graves from the 1800s and possibly earlier, two of which had been either toppled or moved.

“According to [witnesses] an unknown person acting in an unknown manner had toppled over the grave of J.C. Phillips a Confederate Veteran and moved the grave of a Mrs. Mallissie Lummus,” the report states.

Witnesses also pointed to the deputy that another grave was loose and able to be rocked back and forth easily.

Due to an area of “reddish orange paint” on the edge of one of the gravesites, the deputy theorized that it was possible that the toppled gravesite could have been struck by a lawn mower.

Because of Georgia law, the gravesites were left in their original positions, the report stated.


Woman arrested for allegedly stabbing husband

According to sheriff’s office reports, an 83-year-old woman from Forsyth County was taken into custody on July 1 after she allegedly stabbed her husband during a domestic dispute.

According to a sheriff’s office spokesman, the woman allegedly used a fingernail file in the stabbing. The victim received non-life threatening injuries and reported the incident to authorities the following day.

The woman was taken into custody on assault charges and was later released from the Forsyth County Jail on bond.


Two arrested for jewelry shoplifting

Incident reports state that on Wednesday, June 26, two women were taken into custody after they allegedly attempted to shoplift jewelry from a Forsyth County department store.

Reports state that the women each allegedly took several rings, removed their tags, placed them on their fingers and attempted to leave the store.

The women were stopped by a loss prevention employee before they could exit the area.

The report states that deputies were able to see the incident play out on the store’s security cameras and arrested both women for theft by shoplifting.