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Motion signals end of ex-deputy matter
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Forsyth County News

The case against a former Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office employee has been dropped.

Taryn Johnson, a 10-year deputy, resigned in August 2009 following her arrest on charges of financial identity fraud and violation of oath of office.

The state later sought a re-indictment, which resulted in the case’s lone charge as of January being financial identity fraud.

The Forsyth County District Attorney’s Office dropped the case June 12, after Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Bagley granted a motion to suppress evidence.

Johnson, now 35, was a sergeant in the detention center at the time of the initial charges.

Bagley’s order examines the June 2009 affidavit submitted by the sheriff’s office in seeking a search warrant for Johnson’s home.

The initial charges were the result of a complaint filed against Johnson by county resident Tiffany Clark.

The June 4 order states that Johnson allegedly admitted in the affidavit to ordering magazines in Clark’s name and sending them to a man’s house, adding that the information does not match the accusation of financial fraud.

“Even if the magistrate took this statement as true, there is nothing in the affidavit stating the defendant used someone else’s financial information to pay for the magazine subscription,” Bagley wrote. “In fact, the affidavit can easily be read to allege that the defendant’s action constituted a gift to Tiffany Clark.”

On the issue of identity fraud, Bagley also noted that the affidavit did not “demonstrate how the alleged victim’s identifying information was used in a fraudulent manner.”

Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Scalia wrote that because the affidavit and search warrant were impermissible in court, there “is insufficient evidence for the state to go forward.”