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Annette Baker is Lanier Tech's 2020 Instructor of the Year
Annette Baker
Annette Baker, right, receives the 2020 Rick Perkins Instructor of the Year award from Dr. Ray Perren, president of Lanier Technical College.

Annette Baker, program director and instructor for the Lanier Technical College Health Information Management Technology, has been named the College’s Rick Perkins Instructor of the Year award winner for 2020.

Baker was awarded Wednesday during the annual Lanier Technical College GOAL/Rick Perkins Award Luncheon at the Lanier Technical College Ramsey Conference Center.

“I am honored, truly honored. It’s thrilling for me to come here [Lanier Tech] every day. There’s so much good that comes out of this college that I don’t think that I can stand much more,” Baker said.

“To all of the candidates, I am really truly honored to be mentioned alongside each of you because I see the perseverance and hard work that you bring every day to your programs. It’s a privilege to work alongside of you.

“One reason that Lanier Technical College is so successful is that we have our priorities straight. We put the students first, we put workforce and industry second, and we the staff are third. The perseverance and passion that everyone in this room puts into to their job each and every day, and that gives me inspiration and energy to keep going. When students come into the HIMT [Health Information Management Technology] program, I tell them that we are going to change the world. Thank you for changing my world.”

Baker has been in the health information management technology industry for more than 38 years.

The runner-up in the Rick Perkins Award Competition at Lanier Technical College was Joy Dyer, cosmetology instructor at the Hall County campus.

The Rick Perkins Award is given annually by the Technical College System of Georgia, or  TCSG, to the Outstanding Instructor of the Year. In order to qualify at the state level, each of the system’s 22 colleges select a winner at the local level who then goes on to compete in one of three regional competitions in March. From each region, three representatives are then sent on to the state competition which will be held in April 2020 at the Spring TCSG Leadership Conference.