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Investigation continues in scare at West High
Authorities: No arrests yet in vandalism
west graffiti 2jd
Authorities are still investigating graffiti and vandalism found Friday morning at West Forsyth High. - photo by Jim Dean
Investigation continues into Friday’s widespread vandalism at West Forsyth High School.

The incident, which included threatening graffiti and an indirect bomb threat, prompted more than half the school’s 2,000 students to leave early though officials had determined the campus was safe.

As of Tuesday afternoon, no arrests had been made.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Capt. Frank Huggins said the investigation was ongoing.

Authorities have previously said that the school’s video surveillance tapes indicated there were at least two suspects involved in the incident, which occurred about 2 a.m.

Bruce Wagar, the district’s director of safety of discipline, said officials determined there was no bomb and that no one had gone into any school buildings.

“If there was any question about the environment not being safe, we would not have let students into that building,” Wagar said.

Maintenance staff worked all morning to scrub away the writing, which was on every side of the school building.

But after learning of the vandalism, many parents still removed their children early from school.

About 800 of the school’s 2,000 students checked out through the school office, while as many as 300 more did not leave through the proper channels.

“I think that we probably could have communicated with the parents better,” Wagar said. “We could use the communications network we have a little better.

“I think that youngsters reacted by texting parents and everyone just reacted in a way that they felt would protect their youngsters. I understand that, and we learned from that and I think parents and students learned from that.”

The incident was the second in three days involving graffiti at the school off Drew Road.

On April 20, school officials discovered someone had spray-painted the school sign and the bus drop-off area, though the messages were not as severe.

In Friday’s incident, custodians and bus drivers arrived at the school about 6 a.m. to find the damage.

The school’s American flag had also been spray-painted, as had the press box at the stadium and a vehicle in the parking lot.

“Every morning, our custodians, their responsibility, among other things, is to search the interior and exterior of all schools for suspicious materials,” said Jennifer Caracciolo, district spokeswoman.

“That’s done every day in all schools, prior to any students entering the building.”