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Round-up targets kindergartners
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The Forsyth County school system's Kindergarten Registration Round-up is set for 1 to 7 p.m. March 11 and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. March 12. To learn which school a child is slated to attend, call (678) 947-0863 or visit


Children being registered for kindergarten must be at least 5 years old by Sept. 1. Parents attending the round-up must bring the following:

• Certified birth certificate                                   
• GA Form 3231 -- immunizations
• GA Form 3300 -- eye, ear and dental screening (exam date should be Aug. 10, 2009, or later)
• Social Security card (schools will have a waiver form to sign if no Social Security card is available)
• Proof of residency: Two items are needed, one from each category below -

Category 1 -- Deed, current lease or rental agreement, or mortgage or property tax statement

Category 2 -- Utility bill that shows correct service address (water, electric, residential phone, cable, gas or garbage) dated within 60 days of submission. If you live with someone, the school will need their two proofs of residency and a complete affidavit of residency form, which is supplied by the school system.
Nearly 2,700 children will attend kindergarten at one of Forsyth’s 19 elementary schools in August.

And while that may be several months away, Forsyth County school system leaders have begun preparations.

The 2010-11 Kindergarten Registration Round-up will be held March 11 and 12 at all of the county’s elementary schools.

Parents are encouraged to visit their designated elementary school to register their child, about a 15-minute process.

“If we can have two round-up days and a large amount of students and parents will show up, it helps the principals know the numbers they may be getting for the next school year,” said Debbie Holland, registration manager.

Early registration helps schools plan, though parents can still register their child during the summer at the Hill Educational Center on Elm Street.

“It’s what we base our budget on for staffing,” said Jennifer Caracciolo, system spokeswoman. “That allows us to create classes in the summer, which allows us to have less disruption when school starts.”

Because summer registration is lumped with all grade levels, Caracciolo said traffic flow and wait times are reduced for kindergarten parents by participating in the early registration event.

“They’ll also get contacted in the summer by their child’s teacher ... so you can discuss with your child who their teacher is and go on the Web site and learn more about the teacher,” Caracciolo said.

“At the open house, you can meet the teacher and that allows the child to put a name with the face and begin to develop a relationship with their teacher prior to the start of school.”