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Forsyth authorities on alert as temps fall, rain may freeze
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Forsyth County News

Trees down

According to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, trees and/or debris have fallen at the following places:

* Keith Bridge Road at Parks Road (shut down)

* Ga. 400 SB at Keith Bridge Road

* Bentley at Post roads

* Castleberry Road at Ravine Forest

* Turner Road at Rising Mist Lane

* Chattahoochee at Adams roads

* Gravitt at Spot roads

* Bettis-Tribble Gap at Dr. Dunn roads (completely blocked)

Power lines down

* Bethelview Road at Drew Road

* Peachtree Parkway at Bridleridge (completely shut down)

Report power outages to Sawnee EMC at

FORSYTH COUNTY — Just prior to the announcement Monday night that the Forsyth County school system would be closed Tuesday, the local emergency operations center was activated to Level 2 as a precaution, authorities said.

No adverse effects, including accidents or heavy traffic, had been reported to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office as of early evening, said Doug Rainwater, a spokesman for the agency. However, temperatures never reached the expected daytime high before freezing rain began falling.

As Monday’s would-be rush hour ended, ice was forming on power lines and trees, Rainwater said, “but the roadways are clear.”

The emergency management division is housed at the county’s 911 center on Settingdown Road in north Forsyth. Level 2 brought in the county dispatch center, sheriff’s office, fire department and emergency management personnel.

When activated to the next — and highest level — “every department in the county is represented.” This would call in from standby departments such as roads and bridges, fleet and the county manager’s office.

“Right now, it’s just about public safety,” Rainwater said. “If things get worse in terms of ice, those other departments will come in.”

Forsyth County Fire Chief Danny Bowman is head of emergency management and made the call to activate the center, Rainwater said.

Although Forsyth County was labeled as under an advisory, north-neighboring Dawson County was under a warning for winter weather, which included possible ice and snow.

“Just a few miles, a few degrees can make a big difference,” Rainwater said.