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GRADUATION 2018: Pinecrest Academy's Adams plans to be photographer, filmmaker
Pinecrest Academy's Sam Adams of the Class of 2018 plans to go on the World Race Gap Year, a nine-month mission trip to four countries, before studying photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. - photo by Alexander Popp

Sam Adams, the oldest of five siblings, has lived in Cumming his whole life and has spent his whole schooling career at Pinecrest Academy. 

Adams, an avid new photographer, said that he picked up a camera professionally for the first time recently when he took a photography art class and found an artistic creativity and passion he had never felt before. 

“I had always been interested in cameras, but always thought I didn’t know what I was doing,” Adams said. “And I needed an art credit, so I thought ‘well I can’t draw or paint, so I might as well do something for the computer.’”

He said that as he began taking pictures with his mom’s old camera he found that he was enjoying the process and that he was actually good at it. 

His art teacher, Alison Stone, said that he has done a “phenomenal job” photographing interesting and unusual subject, “giving them a voice through his photography.” 

“He’s just a man of integrity through and through,” Stone said. “He started doing digital imaging last year and just fell in love with the process.”

To find out more about Sam, FCN sat down with him at Pinecrest Academy to talk about school, passions and the future.

Q: What college did you chose to go to?

A: Well I first got into UGA and I was going to go there, but I applied at SCAD and got in and it was way too expensive, and they came back with some more money. I really like SCAD because they set you up for success beyond college. But first, I will be going on the World Race Gap Year, which is a nine month mission trip to four countries, and I will be going to Cambodia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Afterwards I will go to SCAD in Atlanta.

Q: And what do you have planned as your future major?

A: Photography, it’s what I’m passionate about, and A, I’m told I’m good at it, and B, I like capturing people’s emotions and telling their stories.

Q: What was your favorite subject?

A: History, it’s just interesting to hear about what people did in the past and how they screwed up. 

Q: What is your least favorite subject?

A: Math, I’m just not a numbers guy. I have never been the greatest at it, I always pull out a calculator.

Q: Who was your favorite teacher? 

A: Mr. Podomolik, he always made the class engaging and kept it applicable to our lives. 

Q: Do you have a favorite school tradition?

A: Friday night football games, I liked that they got all my friends together in one place. 

Q: What was your best school memory?

A: My Senior Mission Trip to Nicaragua, it was a great final class trip, and we got to see and experience things that I would have never imagined. 

Q: What has been your toughest challenge in high school?

A: Starting my own photography business, there is nothing as tough as figuring out a new business. 

Q: Favorite TV show:

A: The office.

Q: Senior-year song:

A: Everyday – Logic.

Q: What is your least favorite household chore?

A: Mowing the lawn, we have a huge lawn and it can get really hot.

Q: What is your one nervous habit?

A: Biting my nails. It has been since I was little.

Q: What are you most talented at?

A: Photography.

Q: What are you least talented at?

A: Ironically enough, drawing or singing.

Q: What is something many don’t know about you?

A: I am an avid NASCAR fan.

Q: What are your career aspirations?

A: A professional photographer/travel photographer or a filmmaker. 

Q: Do you have any advice for next year’s seniors?

A: Live in the moment because it will all be over in a flash, and take advantage of every opportunity that you possibly can.