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'Death trap' designed to thrill
Show 'going to be scary' at Playhouse
Death WEB
Gloria Szokoly, left, and Jeff Boyce rehearse a scene for “Death Trap” on Tuesday at the Cumming Playhouse. The show runs Thursday-Sunday through Nov. 4. - photo by Autumn Vetter

If you’re going

“Death Trap” will be presented at the Cumming Playhouse, 101 School St., at 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday and 3 p.m. Sunday through Nov. 4. Tickets are $17.50 for Thursday shows and $22.50 for Friday-Sunday shows, and can be purchased by calling (770) 781-9178 or going to

Murder and mayhem will captivate audiences at the latest Cumming Playhouse show.

“Death Trap” by Ira Levin, who also wrote “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Stepford Wives,” began a 16-performance run Thursday.

The show, a Gypsy Theatre Company production, continues Thursday-Sunday through Nov. 4.

Director Russ Ivey said the story focuses on a struggling playwright who finds a potential hit in the work of one of his students.  

“Basically, it’s this writer who’s a stage play writer and he’s in a lull in his career … and there’s a student of his that has written a really good stage play and [the student] has requested he review it before he send it out,” Ivey said.

From that point on, Ivey said, “there are a whole lot of twists and turns.”

Ivey said “Death Trap” is a good fit for October.

“It’s not a horror show by any means, but I would say it’s a good show for Halloween,” he said. “It’s a classic thriller along the lines of an Agatha Christie story.

“It’s an edge-of-your-seat kind of story and [audiences] will be sucked in immediately.”

He said the small cast of five should be impressive for audiences as well.

“They will thoroughly enjoy some very professional actors and a well-done total ensemble cast,” he said.

Gloria Szokoly, who portrays the character Helga, said the role was a challenge but fun.

“She’s a very quirky psychic, so she predicts things that are going to happen in the show,” Szokoly said. “It’s been challenging, first of all, because I had to learn to speak with a Dutch accent, but it’s been really fun.”

Ivey said the show incorporates many classic devices often used in thrillers.

“There’s a lot of gun shots in the show, a lot of thunder and lightning in the show,” he said. “It’s mayhem basically.”

Szokoly agreed that the show is a good fit for the Halloween season.

“It’s going to be scary,” she said. “If you like to be scared, you’ll like this one.”