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Forsyth interior designer shares sense of style in new book

FORSYTH COUNTY — A local interior designer has published a new book showcasing her work.

Allison Havill Todd, who owns AHT Interiors in Cumming, said “Interiors for Living: Stylish and Comfortable Home Designs” is “different than your normal coffee table book.”

Todd said the book, as well as her interior design work, focuses on the idea that spaces can be both stylish and functional.

“I always hear from people a lot that you can’t have a stylish room if you have kids or pets,” she said. “People are afraid that they can’t combine both style and comfort and livability.

“I feel very differently. I feel that yes, you can. We successfully do it all the time.”

Her book highlights families whose homes she has redesigned and details how their new spaces fit their unique lifestyles.

Clients included a family heavily involved in sports, dog owners who wanted a pet-friendly space and a family with five children and an in-home business.

“It’s a book about real rooms that real people live in and use. It’s not just museum-like settings,” Todd said. “We’re sharing some information or taking some photographs of the homeowners in their spaces, enjoying their spaces, sharing some stories about them and their backgrounds.”

AHT Interiors works primarily in the metro Atlanta area, but Todd has also assisted out-of-state clients.

She is also the founder of Designing Dreams, a Forsyth County nonprofit that redesigns rooms for people facing emotional or physical crises or an organization that serves them.

“Interiors for Living: Stylish and Comfortable Home Designs” is available on the AHT Interiors website and on Amazon.