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'It’s purely magical': Chris Mooney fills every room of his Forsyth County home with Christmas trees
Chris Mooney works in the office of his north Forsyth County home on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018, nearby one of the 14 Christmas trees that decorate his house. - photo by Bradley Wiseman

When the weather gets cold and the Christmas season starts, some might be dismayed at decorating their house for the season. But for Forsyth County resident Chris Mooney, it’s his – and his home’s – time to shine.

Inside his north Forsyth home, Mooney has 14 Christmas trees – each with its own theme – and by his own estimation, about 5,000 ornaments. All collections have to start somewhere, and Mooney said his began with a tree that is still in his bedroom, which he said resembled his mother’s tree and is his most sentimental.

Adding one item at a time, his collection grew into the now impressive display.

“To me, I’d say it’s purely magical,” Mooney said of the decorations. “You walk in and you automatically get the warmth of Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas to me is making people happy, not about the gifts or anything. So to me, my house, it makes me happy and the guests that come here, [it] makes them happy.”

A video on his Facebook page showing off his collection has received more than 1,500 views in less than a week and shows trees and decorations cover Mooney’s home, including trees in his office, bedroom and even in the bathroom.

“I try to make everything match the rooms that they’re in,” Mooney said.

Each tree has its own theme, including an upside down tree, a tree with teddy bears climbing it and a tree with a bust form wearing a crystal necklace on top leading down to a tree covered with Swarovski ornaments, the newest tree of the bunch.

“The only thing we do each year is add a Swarovski annual ornament,” Mooney said. “Every year, that’s what we typically add, and then add a new piece to the village. So the village grows one house every year until we can get where we want to be.”

Oh, yes, across his home, Mooney has a village depicting some of New York’s most recognizable sites and another village laid out across an old ladder.

To me, I’d say it’s purely magical. You walk in and you automatically get the warmth of Christmas.
Chris Mooney

Unsurprisingly, such a display takes some time to get together, and Mooney said he even has back-up ornaments “depending on the mood of the room” each year.

“Everything starts off one tree at a time,” he said. “It starts off in October pulling things out of the basement, sorting them out tree by tree. It’s the way it goes up as well.  Every ornament gets hung one-by-one, lights strung one-by-one and then photos hung at the very end. They may change places every year depending on what feeling I want in that room that year, so everything starts off one at a time, a bare tree, and go from there.”

Even though his collection already puts most to shame, Mooney said he has no plans to stop and is even interested in starting decorating others’ homes in the future.

“It can definitely keep growing,” Mooney said. “Again, Christmas to me is about being happy, and the trees make me happy every day I see them. So as long as I can still decorate, it’s going to continue to grow.”