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Forsyth County may sell land once used for water tower
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SOUTH FORSYTH -- Land once used for a county water tower will likely be sold to a nearby property owner.

The property, located on Ronald Reagan Boulevard, was discussed at a recent work session, where commissioners voted 5-0 to move ahead with the sale.

The land was once used for a water tower, which was damaged when a nearby quarry collapsed in 2005.

“When it collapsed, it sort of undermined this water tower at that time and we had to decommission it,” County Attorney Ken Jarrard said. “I don’t think there’s any need for the tank or, candidly, the piece of property.”

Director of Water and Sewer Tim Perkins agreed with Jarrard and said the location was unlikely to be used for a tower again since a replacement had since been installed.

“It’s on a different elevation,” he said. “When that quarry started to slide, that tank shifted several years ago, and it moved about half a foot back to where the road fell. I don’t see us ever wanting to put a tank on that location.”

A nearby property owner has voiced interest in the tank due, in part, to its access to the road.

Jarrard said it is a process for governments to sell land.

“You probably want to have a Water and Sewer Authority meeting, and one of the things you want to do is we have to talk about what terms we want to sell it,” he said.

The sale will be discussed at a future meeting.