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Here's how close 5 Forsyth County road projects are to being done
Pilgrim Mill Road construction 1 071219 web
Crews work on a widening project on Pilgrim Mill Road on Thursday, July 11, 2019. The $15 million project is expected to be completed by late summer 2020. (Photo by Alyssa Freyman)

Road work is a near-constant in Forsyth County, but several ongoing projects should wrap up this summer.

At a work session on Tuesday afternoon, Forsyth County Commissioners heard an update on several road projects from Jason McCook, with Moreland Altobelli Associates, who broke down where sidewalk, intersection and road widening projects stand around the county.

The major road widening projects discussed in the meeting were Brookwood, Pilgrim Mill, Shiloh, Sharon and Union Hill roads.

Sidewalk projects were also brought up in the meeting on Trammel Road from Windermere subdivision to Hwy. 20 (at a cost of about $862,000) and sidewalks connecting Hwy. 20 to Buford Dam Road on Sanders ($346,000), Nuckolls ($1.4 million) and Samples ($1.3 million) roads. No completion date was given for the Trammel Road project and all others are planned to be done by the end of this summer, weather permitting.

No action was taken by commissioners on those projects, though they did vote to approve other road projects by 4-0 vote, with District 4 Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills absent.

Commissioners approved a change order worth $39,500 to add a powder coated guardrail on Pilgrim Mill Circle instead of a standard guardrail.

Tied to the Pilgrim Mill Road project, a change order worth $125,000 was approved for beautification of the bridge over Ga. 400 to include a PVC-coated chain link fence, an ashlar stone-finish retaining wall and funding for infrastructure for future installation of “pedestrian scale lighting.”

A task order amendment for the widening of Hwy. 369 from Hwy. 9 to Hwy. 306, excluding the upcoming interchange with Ga. 400, was also approved for $120,000. 

Brookwood Road

Where: Peachtree Parkway to McGinnis Ferry Road

Timeline: Substantial completion expected by late summer, depending on weather

Cost: $7 million

Funds: $6 million in local bond funds and SPLOST funding

Length: About 1 mile

Notes: A change order has been approved for $188,709 and a 53-day contract extension.

Comments: McCook said officials are “going to do everything we can” to have the road open before the start of the school year in August but did not have an official date. He said the project was having issues with a subcontractor’s schedule.

Pilgrim Mill Road

Where: Cumming city limits to Holtzclaw Road.

Timeline: Substantial completion expected by late summer 2020, depending on weather.

Cost: $15 million.

Funds: $9.5 million in local bond funds and SPLOST funding.

Length: about 1.7 miles.

Notes: Testing piles underway for bridge on roadway. Several change orders under review by staff. Intermittent lane closures needed on Ga. 400 and Pilgrim Mill Road.

Comments: McCook said the contractor was on pace to open by next summer.

Union Hill Road

Where: Ga. 400 to McFarland Parkway.

Timeline: Substantial completion expected by late summer, depending on weather.

Cost: $19.7 million.

Funds: $12.2 million in local bond funds and SPLOST funding.

Length: About 1.7 miles.

Notes: Major traffic shift was done on June 29. The project will include night work and extended hours over the summer. Bridgework is part of the project. Later in the meeting, commissioners approved $70,000 in supplemental funding for the project.

Comments: McCook said the project is on schedule and the shift moved traffic away from construction.

“Basically, that allows the contractor to be able to be unfettered in terms of being able to work on the project,” McCook said.

Shiloh Road at Shiloh Crossing

Timeline: The project’s bid was awarded by commissioners in May, and substantial completion, depending on weather, is expected in late winter 2020.

Cost: $1.5 million.

Notes: The project is for a roundabout at the busy roadway, and a sidewalk is also proposed.

Comments: McCook said there had been some utility relocation and tree issues brought up by the contractor.

Sharon Road

Where: Peachtree Parkway to Old Atlanta Road.

Timeline: Major traffic shift occurred in late June. Substantial completion expected by late summer, depending on weather.

Cost: $8.6 million.

Length: About 1 mile.

Comments:  McCook said the project is using the same contractor, C.W. Matthews, as the work on Union Hill and said the project could take longer than anticipated.

“I have a little concern about the completion date that was agreed to. There is an issue that they are a little further ahead on the Union Hill Road versus this road as far as items they are doing as far as construction,” McCook said. “Again, that’s their deadline. We’re expecting them to make that deadline. They’re working essentially seven days a week, from what I understand.”