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‘Orphan pond’ resurfaces in Forsyth Board of Commissioners talks
County attorney to update title opinion
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Forsyth County News

Forsyth County is going to take another look at the owner of the “orphan pond.”

At a recent work session, County Attorney Ken Jarrard gave an update to issues around the pond to Forsyth County commissioners, who unanimously approved having Jarrard come back with an updated title opinion on the pond on Fairview Drive, between Nuckolls and Samples roads in southeast Forsyth.

“I believe the work that is quite a bit older is probably correct, but nonetheless just to make sure we’ve got it right, let’s do one more,” Jarrard said.

Once an owner is determined, a letter for mediation will be sent before the commission takes future action.

“Who owns it, that is not necessarily clear,” he said. “The title work that I have been provided indicates that a company called Ridgewood Property Inc., owns it, though they have been administratively dissolved for years.”

Whoever is found to be the owner will be responsible for remediation based on a punch list of issues with the pond found by the county’s engineering department.

Online property records list the owner as unknown.

Commissioners previously notified the Gates homeowners association and other property owners to purchase the property through a tax sale, though neither party was interested in taking over and maintaining the dilapidated pond.

Jarrard said at a previous meeting storm water from the Gates flows into the pond and that the neighborhood would likely be responsible if zoned today, though the Gates is not the owner. To get the title, the county will need to go through a condemnation or judicial tax sale.

“I don’t have a solution for you that is perfect, because it is not a perfect situation,” Jarrard said. “But I think there are some concrete steps we can take that will at least indicate that we are moving forward with trying to put whoever we think is the last known owner on notice of what needs to be done out there.