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Pipe put in wrong place
More woes on Browne Circle
Chopped Tree 1 es
Megan Hilton plays in the front yard of her family’s house, where a few trees were mistakenly cut earlier this year. - photo by File photo
After losing their trees to a construction mistake, residents along Browne Circle (click for map) were glad to put the incident behind them.

But last week, subcontractors returned to the neighborhood to fix a second mistake, this one involving a misplaced pipe that damaged the property of one homeowner.

Members of property owner Donald Browne’s family declined to comment on the situation, which Cumming City Administrator Gerald Blackburn said has since been corrected.

“The pipe has been relocated and Mr. Browne has been satisfied,” Blackburn said.

More than six months ago, M&M Labors began clearing the way for a 48-inch-wide pipeline running from Lake Lanier to the city’s water treatment facility.

The effort was part of a project that will allow the city to withdraw lake water from as deep as 1,020 feet above sea level.

Confusion over the plan resulted in M&M clearing trees from several properties, including Jenni Hilton’s.

Several homeowners, including Hilton, reached a financial settlement with the subcontractor.

Hilton said she just planted a trident maple tree Monday to start replacing those she lost.

Last week, M&M returned to Browne circle to correct another mistake, Blackburn said.

“The pipe was drawn in the state to go in one location and the subcontractor put it in the wrong location,” he said. “It was 19 feet to the north of where it was designed to be.”

The mistake took a week to fix, Blackburn said.

Hilton said the situation remains frustrating.

“Our trees were illegally chopped down because they couldn’t measure correctly and again they’re having to come back and fix another mistake,” she said. “I’d be upset if I were [the Browne family].”

Blackburn said paving, along with some curb and gutter work, still needs to be completed as part of the cleanup. The improvements should be finished by year’s end.

Browne Circle resident Roger Henderson, who also had his front yard damaged, said he’s happy things are starting to return to normal.

“All of the issues have been settled and maybe they’ll be out of here for good,” he said. “I certainly hope so.”