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Two Halcyon restaurants receive alcohol licenses
Halcyon's market interior rendering.

Restaurants seeking alcohol licenses and rezonings of property were some of the big items at this week’s Forsyth County Commission meeting.

All items were approved by a 5-0 vote unless otherwise noted.


Alcohol approved

Shoppers at the new Halcyon Forsyth development will have a couple of new spots to grab a drink as a license to consume beer, wine and distilled spirits on the premises was approved for CT Cantina and Taqueria and a license to consume beer and wine was approved for Gu’s Dumplings.

“We are excited about Halcyon, for sure, the whole board is and community is,” said District 2 Commissioner Dennis Brown, who represents the area.

An official with Gu’s said the local restaurant will be their third location after Krog Street Market and Chamblee and said the restaurant had been selected as the “best dumplings in Atlanta by the Food Network a few years ago.”

Both approvals required an amendment to the county’s existing alcohol code related to alcohol sales and rent rates, which County Attorney Ken Jarrard described as “sort of a holdover from our alcohol code being written at the time we were very much a teetotaler community.”

“We have a provision in our alcohol code that specifically provided that a licensee, who is in front of you, cannot enter into an agreement – that would be a lease agreement – whereby the rent under the lease is in any way tethered or connected to their alcohol sales, but our code further says that the board of commissioners can grant an exemption to that prohibition,” Jarrard said.

Just a couple of miles away from Halcyon, commissioners also approved a license for on-premises consumption of beer, wine and distilled spirits for Manny Tacos and Bar at 5955 Atlanta Highway.


Ready to rezone

During the meeting, commissioners also approved a number of rezonings for properties in the county.

The largest zoning of the evening was to rezone 25 acres from agricultural district (A1) to single-family residential district (Res 2) for 33 lots on Bentley Road.

Commissioners approved rezoning just over two acres for an 11,050-square-foot office/retail/restaurant establishment just east of the intersection of Pilgrim Mill Road and Pilgrim Mill Circle from single-family residential restricted district (R2R) to commercial business district (CBD).

District 1 Commissioner Molly Cooper said the development will not allow drive-thrus.

Commissioners also approved the rezoning of 9.8 acres from A1 to single-family residential district (Res 3) on Roper Road for 15 residential lots. The property is connected with a previously-approved development on the road, and the total development will have 52 residential lots.

Planning and Community Development Director Tom Brown said access to the property would go through the part rezoned on Thursday.

A similar rezoning from A1 to Res 3 was approved for 8.7 acres for 13 residential lots off Hurt Bridge Road, which is also tied to a larger development for 255 lots.