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‘Roadies’ fill Easter eggs for charitable cause
A local group is supplying 178 children with a dozen prize-filled eggs to complement Easter dinner provided by Meals by Grace. - photo by For the FCN

Local musicians with a spirit for giving teamed up recently to stuff eggs with candy for food-insecure children whose families might not necessarily have the means to celebrate.

The Roadies — a parent, philanthropic organization affiliated with local business Music Authority — is supplying 178 local children in need with a dozen prize-filled eggs per child to complement the Easter dinner which will be provided by Meals by Grace.

The group was also able to send about 300 eggs to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Meals by Grace is a private, nonprofit organization that focuses on feeding hungry children, youth and families in Forsyth County.

It’s the second year The Roadies have assisted Meals by Grace with the festive, candy-filled eggs.

“A lot of these kids don’t even know when their next meal is coming,” said Rachele Lahr, philanthropic chair at Music Authority. “It means they probably wouldn’t get any Easter surprises either … and [stuffing eggs] is something so simple for our kids to do.”

Lahr said Music Authority’s Roadies have several different groups of young people who were able to assist, as well as a couple teachers.

“Something like this, it gives kids an opportunity to do something positive outside of rehearsal,” Lahr said.

She added that the effort is one of several other philanthropic undertakings by The Roadies.

“Knowing that we’re reaching out to the community and benefiting the children in the community that don’t always have all the things we’re used to … that’s why we do this,” Lahr said.

Lahr said it’s an opportunity to teach young people the value of philanthropy in their own community.

“Roadies look to make it more of a community experience — teaching kids in the bands it’s not just a matter of performing it’s a matter of learning to lead by serving in the community and helping out.”

Meals by Grace, a charity based out of Forsyth County, provides hot meals to food-insecure families in the county, offering a home delivery program and a monthly mobile pantry to low-income residents.

Lahr, the mother of a Music Authority band member, said the idea stemmed from work she has done with Meals by Grace.

“I got involved with Meals by Grace for a bit, just by going to events,” she said. “They had a Christmas event where they had [collection] boxes that had pencils and other small practical stuff, but not really anything a kid would want for Christmas. I took those boxes into work and said to coworkers, ‘Pretend you’re shopping for a kid for Christmas, what would they like?’”

“That got me thinking — because Meals by Grace is working with people with food insecurity, kids probably won’t get a lot for Easter and it’s just a small treat for kids to hunt for eggs.”

Lahr said she realized she couldn’t fill thousands of eggs by herself.

“I thought we could make it fun and a competition of sorts between bands — kids are highly competitive.”