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Southern comedy makes perfect Mother’s Day outing
‘Always a Bridesmaid’ runs through May 20 at Cumming Playhouse
‘Always a Bridesmaid’

Looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day idea? Or perhaps the perfect girls’ night out or even date night outing? Look no further than the Cumming Playhouse as the Magari Theatre Company makes its production debut at the local venue with “Always a Bridesmaid.” 

In this hilarious Southern comedy, four loyal friends have sworn to keep the promise they made to each other on the night of their senior prom: to be in each other’s weddings — no matter what. 

Some 30 years later, these friends-for-life remain determined to honor that vow and repeatedly struggle to stage the perfect wedding in spite of various bumps in the road, such as fistfights at the altar, runaway brides, and the mistaken and unfortunate release of a flock of white doves on the first day of hunting season. 

Amanda Jewell, the show’s producer and co-founder of the Magari Theatre Company, said she and the show’s cast are all thrilled to be making their debut at the Cumming Playhouse. 

“We’re a small [theater] company and we always say we’re a family company,” said Jewell, who founded Magari (which in Italian means “if only it were true”) with her mother in 2016 in Duluth. “Being a family company, we really prefer the small, intimate stages to the bigger stages, and the Cumming Playhouse is such a beautiful intimate venue, we’ve really enjoyed working here.” 

Jewell said she believes “Always a Bridesmaid,” with performances at 8 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and at 3 p.m. Sundays through May 20, will be a good fit for Cumming Playhouse audiences. 

“All of [Magari’s] shows are family-friendly, so they can bring every generation to see this show,” she said. “Also, all six actresses in this show are from the north Georgia area, so I think everyone will be able to relate to them.” 

Jewell added that despite the obviously feminine themes in “Always a Bridesmaid,” men typically also enjoy the show because it gives them a chance to playfully poke a little fun at their better halves. 

“Most women have been a bridesmaid at some point in their lives so they can really understand the struggles that these women are going through and laugh to themselves because they’ve probably thought or said some of things that these women say throughout the show,” she said. “At the same time, men will laugh because they’ll say, ‘See, I told you that’s how women really are,’ and even if the women in their lives act like they disagree they’ll have to admit that it’s true at least some of the time.” 

“It’s an absolutely wonderful Mother’s Day show because it’s an all-female cast and it’s all about things that all women can relate to,” Jewell added, noting that the show holds special meaning for her and her mom. 

“The first time we did this show in Duluth, my older sister got engaged on closing night, and then not long after that my mom also got engaged,” she said. “So to a certain extent we all felt like the ladies in this show ourselves. For a while there, our lives were in a whirlwind just like the women in this show. 

It’s a hilarious ride that everyone will find really entertaining.” 

Tickets to “Always a Bridesmaid” are $25, or $22.50 for veterans, seniors 60 and over, students age 18 and under, and groups of 25 or more. They can be purchased at or by calling (770) 781-9178.