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400 Homes: Family real estate team has each other’s back for clients’ sake
The Love Team
The Love Team, from left, Adrienne Postell, Sam Love, Steve Shultz and Abbye Love. - photo by Ben Hendren

This article appears in the February issue of 400 Life.

Sam Love was looking forward to a recent trip to Colorado to go snowmobiling with friends, but there was just one problem: Love, a realtor, had a few showings with prospective homebuyers scheduled for the same weekend.

No problem: Sam’s mom, Abbye Love, stepped right in.

“She just started covering for me,” Sam says. “I didn’t even have to ask her.”

That’s how things work with The Love Team.

The family foursome of Abbye, Sam, Steve Shultz and Adrienne Postell form a unique real estate team in North Georgia.

Abbye and Steve live on Lake Lanier in Flowery Branch. Sam lives in Braselton. Adrienne (Abbye’s daughter) lives in Cumming. 

So while The Love Team is based out of the Keller Williams Community Partners office in Forsyth County, their footprint allows them to serve clients throughout North Georgia.

Even though they’re spread out, The Love Team’s family bond means everyone’s got each other’s back if the need arises. When a client emerges, say, in Athens, then Sam can help them. Maybe Adrienne meets a potential homebuyer from Lumpkin County; she can put them in touch with Abbye and Steve.

Joining forces also allows The Love Team to cover for one another, like during Sam’s snowmobile trip or Abbye and Steve’s annual retreat in the mountains. 

There’s always someone available on The Love Team to help a client.

“It’s honestly just a great plan to work together and back each other up,” Abbye says.

Each member also brings a special skill set to the team. 

Steve is the numbers guy who studies market trends to know just the right price that homes should be selling for. He also leans on his 35 years of experience as a certified appraiser, plus his familiarity with both Hall County, where he lives now, and Forsyth County, where he lived for 35 years. 

Abbye is the problem-solver who is able to bring stakeholders together to navigate the twists and turns of a real estate transaction.

As the youngest member of the team, Sam is the “millennial man” who is able to build relationships with a demographic full of newly-weds and first-time homebuyers.

Adrienne, the newest member, brings her marketing background to The Love Team, but also her extensive knowledge about life for young families in Forsyth County, from youth sports leagues to pediatricians to school districts and more.

“Everyone’s got their role on the team,” Steve says.

The Love Team started to form four years ago when Abbye and Sam started working together. Two years later, Steve joined. Then Abbye convinced Adrienne to come aboard this past January.

They’ve used their geography, numbers and combined 50 years of experience in real estate to provide the best possible service to their clients, no matter their situation. The Love Team has sold everything from mobile homes to multi-million-dollar listings. They’ve sold new construction and helped investors find smart properties. 

But they also relish the relationships they build with clients and the community along the way. All four volunteer with local organizations. The Love Team also provide special assistance and discounts to veterans, first responders and teachers.

Above all, The Love Team aims to cultivate trust with their client, which has led to many lasting friendships. One client even used Abbye as an emergency contact for their kids at school. 

“It’s not just about real estate,” Abbye says. “It’s about relationships, too.”

Because for The Love Team, being realtors isn’t a job. It’s just what they do.

And The Love Team truly loves what they do.

“Probably the best part is when you show somebody 10 homes, and then you show them the 11th, and that’s the one,” Sam says. “You can see the sparkle in their eyes.”

The Love Team