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400 Homes: Husband-wife real estate team set out to help clients find the right fit
Tello & Co - Buy Sell Love ATL: 'Our goal is to make sure that our clients are taken care of'
Tello & Co - Buy Sell Love ATL
Amanda and Jorge Tello, of real estate team Tello & Co - Buy Sell Love ATL, with children Sebastian and Evangeline. Photo courtesy Margaret Buell of Buell Productions

This article appears in the January issue of 400 Life.

Amanda and Jorge Tello take a comprehensive view on wellness. 

The husband-wife real estate team of almost a decade are conscious about the food their family eats, in order to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. They prefer to eat quality, organic foods and adhere to a Ketogenic diet. They stay active by going to the gym every other day. They also prioritize experiences over material possessions.

Their favorite place to share and create memorable experiences is in their South Forsyth home, with their kids Sebastian, 7, and Evangeline, 5. 

Let’s set the stage: on a recent Thursday night, the close-knit family of four sits at the dining room table playing their go-to game: Uno.

Jorge is about to win, much to the chagrin of his extremely competitive family. He has one card left that he holds tight to his chest, not letting anyone catch a glimpse. He impatiently waits for his turn, hoping for a number/color match.

Only one thing stands in his way; Jorge’s potential win depends on what Sebastian plays next. 

Sebastian slams a card on the table and looks at his dad.

“Reverse!” Sebastian says.

Jorge frowns, knowing that the teacher has now become the student.

It is Amanda who wins just a few minutes later, bringing the score of Girls vs. Guys in the house to 1-0.

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Tello & Co - Buy Sell Love ATL
Sebastian, Jorge, Evangeline and Amanda Tello play a game of Uno at their home in south Forsyth. - photo by Ben Hendren

Amanda and Jorge (pronounced “George”) relish these kinds of family moments — moments that are made possible by owning their own home. They’ve owned their three-story home for over two years, the second purchase they made while living in Forsyth County, and it has become a sanctuary for their family. 

Their home is where they have dinner together. Their home is where Evangeline rides her bike in the cul de sac. Their home is where Sebastian plays basketball with friends who live next door. Their home is where their family of four can rest, play, grow and feel safe.

“Your home is where you make so many meaningful experiences with your family,” Amanda says.

But the Tellos know finding the right home can be extremely taxing on your time, lifestyle and sanity. Anyone who has ever bought a home knows that there is no end to the things that can go wrong during a real estate transaction. 

That’s why Amanda and Jorge started their own real estate team, Tello & Co - Buy Sell Love ATL.

“Our goal is to make sure that our clients are taken care of,” Amanda says. “We want them to know that our loyalty is with them, and to make sure they get exactly what they want out of the transaction.”

The Tellos are no stranger to the real estate industry: The two have a healthy background in all things real estate.

Jorge was born into the real estate industry. Both his parents are Realtors, as are several of his aunts, uncles and cousins.

Jorge remembers helping his dad show houses with clients when he was 10 years old. Jorge’s contribution to his father’s business at that age was to be his father’s GPS when showing houses. 

“That’s pretty much all I know,” Jorge says.

Amanda isn’t far behind. 

“We definitely have a good yin and yang,” Amanda says.

“I’m the yang,” Jorge adds.

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Tello & Co - Buy Sell Love ATL
Amanda Tello watches her daughter, Evangeline, ride a bike in the driveway of the family’s south Forsyth Home. - photo by Ben Hendren

The two met in college in 2005. The following year Amanda entered the real estate industry as a loan officer working closely with Jorge’s parents’ firm. Fast forward to 2017, Amanda was CEO/Team Leader at Keller Williams Community Partners’ Market Center, where she was in charge of recruiting, training and consulting for the entire office.

In 2011, Jorge’s aunt asked them to move to Northern Virginia and join her prominent brokerage. Amanda and Jorge became a real estate team for the first time, and they discovered how each of their strengths seemed to complement the others.

A few years later, they moved to Georgia and teamed up with Jorge’s parents again, before Jorge moved into a position selling new construction with Smith Douglas Homes. Amanda focused on raising Sebastian and Evangeline, and scaled back their real estate business.

Jorge thrived. In his first year, he won Rookie Salesperson of the Year and Sales Team of the Year at the 2015 OBIE Awards, the premier award in the Atlanta home building industry. Over five years, Jorge sold more than 400 new homes. 

Jorge attributes his success to the knowledge he absorbed while working with his family. They showed him the value of being honest and upfront with clients, being available to address a client’s needs and finding solutions when the inevitable bumps in the road come along.

“My main goal when working with people is for them to understand that I will treat them the same way I would like someone to treat me.” Jorge says.

This past summer, Jorge and Amanda decided they wanted to take those values and start their own real estate business. Tello & Co. was born, and the duo have been working ever since to help clients in Forsyth County and metro Atlanta. Whether it’s buying a dream home or finding an investment, they’ve created a full-service real estate haven.

The Tellos already have their dream home. It’s the anchor of their life. 

And they want to help others find theirs, too.

“Making sure clients have the home that fits their needs, so that they can have those experiences with their families is so important to us,” Amanda says.

The Tellos goal in their business is to become their clients end-to-end partner in homeownership, to build relationships that go beyond the closing table. 

“Our expertise goes further than the purchase or sale of their home. If they need a good painter a year down the road, or plan to replace their kitchen cabinets 10 years after purchase, we want our clients to know they can come to us for our knowledge and network!”

Contact Amanda and Jorge Tello, Tello & Co - Buy Sell Love ATL at (404) 500-7005 or visit

Tello & Co - Buy Sell Love ATL
Amanda and Jorge Tello, Tello & Co - Buy Sell Love ATL. Photo courtesy Margaret Buell of Buell Productions