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400 The Life: Organizational hacks for the new year
S-hook jeans

With the New Year, many are looking for ways to organize their homes. From the closet to the kitchen, 

here is a list of organizational hacks to make home living a little bit easier going into 2018.


Water bottles
Water bottle storage

Find a place for a magazine holder in your cabinet and flip it on its side, with the opening facing outward. Insert water bottles, stacking on top of one another and to keep them from falling over or taking up unnecessary space. You can also decorate the magazine holder with colorful paper or patterns to brighten up the kitchen.

Tupperware storage from book bins

To keep cabinets from getting chaotic and having Tupperware falling everywhere, in a lower drawer or pullout shelf, flip book bins on their sides and use them to make a single storage area into several separate sections.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens


S hooks for jeans

Instead of folding your jeans, try hanging them using S-hooks that will conveniently fit over a closet rod and through a belt loop.

Curtain rods to organize scarves and gloves

Installing curtain rods on the inside of closet doors is a great way to keep scarves and gloves neat and not have to worry about wrinkles in cotton scarves.

Pool noodles keep boots upright

To keep boots upright and keep creases from forming, cut pool noodles in half and use them in lieu of stabilizers.

Source: ‘The Krazy Coupon lady’ blog