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The Gibson Co. owner Clarissa Gibson says artists and customers key as the company opens its new Halcyon location
The Gibson Co.
The Gibson Co. opened a second location at Halcyon. - photo by Kelly Whitmire

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From candles to clothing to art to hang on the walls, there is seemingly no limit to what can be found at The Gibson Co., and now, customers will have a new location to find a wide array of items made by local artists.

Owner Clarissa Gibson said The Gibson Co., which opened its location at The Collection in summer 2018, described the store as “kind of a local artist showcase store,” where customers can buy products and gifts ranging from glassware to bath bombs to jewelry to rustic pieces have been made by local artists that she said are “the best of the best in Forsyth County” and surrounding areas.

“My most popular brands are my artists,” she said. “I continue to see that those artists that continue to reinvent themselves and bringing new stuff all the time are the ones that become the most favored in our store. I love that.”

Gibson said there were several local artists who were consistently popular with her customers, such as BLC Design Co., which creates custom jewelry including necklaces and earrings, and Flow Inspirations, known for making handmade wall art and other home and office products.

Gibson said some of her other popular brands include, such as Love Well, a local clothing company with a positive message.

“Love Well is a clothing brand lifestyle that spreads the message of loving others well,” Gibson said. “People love sharing that, and even online, they’re buying that and spreading it in different counties, as well.”

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The Gibson Co.

Customers who are looking for customized glassware, mugs and other products can try out Vintage Roux.

“She offers vintage stamped spoons, barware and like charcuterie boards, cheese-spreaders and stuff like that ... She stamps on a vintage spoon, and then adheres it to an object, which has been a crowd favorite,” Gibson said.

Gibson said another big-seller was Southern E-Scentuals, a brand specializing in candles, cold process soaps, bath accessories and “famous dough bowl candle[s]”

They even offer a house brand of candles and other products, The Gibson Co. Signature Collection, with names that hold a special place in the Gibson family’s hearts.

“All of those scents are created by us based off of locations or people that are important to us ... Papa was our grandfather that passed away, and it’s got a kind of a smokey, tobacco, fire kind of smell to it,” Gibson said.

The Gibson Co.
“Love Well is a clothing brand lifestyle that spreads the message of loving others well,” Clarissa Gibson said. “People love sharing that, and even online, they’re buying that and spreading it in different counties, as well.” - photo by Kelly Whitmire

With the success of their location at The Collection, The Gibson Co. has expanded to a new location at Halcyon, a mixed-use village in South Forsyth, which will have more of a focus on design and décor while still having the gifts that made its predecessor so popular.

“We figured this would be a great way to have some exclusive gifts as well as home décor and design consultations, being offered here,” Gibson said. “We’re going to have kind of a furniture showroom, but we’re also going to have different unique gifts. I am bringing a couple of my artists over here as well. It’s going to be the same type of thing that you can expect, where we are going to try to scour to find completely different items to keep things exciting.”

Opening a new store during the COVID-19 pandemic brought its own challenges, Gibson said, but she thanked the community for supporting them through online sales during the tough time.  

“Forsyth County has shown up for us during the pandemic and the shutdown and all of that, and we will continue to use our spot here in Forsyth County to give back to the amazing community,” Gibson said. “We are absolutely blessed to have the support that we’ve had, and we would not be here without them, obviously.”

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The Gibson Co.