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Forsyth County Fire Department stays busy
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The titles and rankings seem to come in droves each year.

From health and wealth to education and youth, most Forsyth residents know the county is at the forefront of north Georgia and the state in various factors that help shape quality of life.

These factors — which residents embrace and have come to expect — carry their share of numbers. Indeed, politicians and others are fond of touting such statistics.

With that in mind, the staff of the Forsyth County News contacted government and school officials, business owners and public safety personnel to compile some interesting and easy-to-read figures from the past year.

Forsyth County Fire Department by the numbers

13,283 - Emergencies answered

14,967 - Apparatus dispatched to those emergencies

5 minutes and 59 seconds - average response time

188 - Authorized personnel

156 - Firefighters in the fire stations among three shifts

32 - Support, administrative and fire marshal personnel

718 - Plans reviewed for new construction by the fire marshal’s office

5,918 - Building inspections by the fire marshal’s office

446 - Child safety seats inspected

927 - Smoke alarms installed or batteries changed

2,916 - Citizens taught fire extinguisher training

21,731 - Adults and children reached with a structured public education presentation

30 - Front-line fire apparatus and special operations vehicles

17,900 - Gallons of water carried by fire apparatus

1,649 - Length in feet of all ladders carried by apparatus

9.25 - Length in miles of hose carried by apparatus

52,660 - Fire-based training hours conducted and received by department personnel

4,288 - Medical emergency-based training hours conducted and received by department personnel

56,948 - Training hours conducted and received by department personnel

1,800 - Children served by the annual Aerial’s House Christmas toy drive

12,455 - Square footage of Fire Stations 6 and 8

 Note: Numbers are from 2015