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Forsyth County Commissioners OK alcohol license for brewery, distillery at Freedom Mill
Country Folks Freedom Mill

Freedom Mill is expanding its restaurant and adding an open patio to house a new brewery and distillery. During the regular meeting on Thursday, Feb. 19, the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners approved an alcohol license for a manufacturing brewery and distillery at Freedom Mill in northwest Forsyth, operating under the name Freedom Brew and Shine. 

“We’ve got a brewery, we’ve got a distillery, we can throw axes … shoot a gun,” Chairwoman Cindy Jones Mills said, “and it’s all legal by the alcohol code.”

Mills said she checked the legalities of alcohol and fire code to make sure Freedom Mill would be able to sell spirits on the premises, “and they said yes, it’s OK.”

Johnathan Chase Wales, one of the owners of Freedom Mill, said the employees have already been trained to follow the required safety precautions.

“We’ve actually already [got] a lot of safety precautions in place because somebody can come in and be inebriated before they come to us, and so our employees and staff are already trained on looking for that,” Wales said. “… [At Freedom Mill] you will not be able to touch a drink and be able to shoot a gun period. It’s zero tolerance.”

Wales said they will make a daiquiri to put the distillery’s spirits inside and sell by the bottle. No drinks will be poured for patrons. 

District 1 Commissioner Molly Cooper said that it reminded her of old movies and memories of “moonshine and Bibles.” 

 “It kind of [gives me] a warm, Georgia mountain feeling,” Cooper said.

The vote was unanimous.