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Lambert High School student arrested for alleged ‘terroristic threats to do harm at our school'
Lambert High School

A Lambert High School student was arrested Thursday night after school leaders said the student made “terroristic threats to do harm at our school.”

The threat was sent via email. Principal Gary Davison brought it to the attention of a school resource officer Thursday. According to a press release provided by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, deputies and the Major Crimes Unit worked quickly to identify the student and remove him from class.

Based on evidence collected during an investigation, a juvenile arrest warrant was taken against the 16-year-old for terroristic threats, which is a felony.

Since being taken into custody, the student has been transported to the Regional Youth Detention Center in Gainesville.

“School threats and violence have no place in our community,” Sheriff Ron Freeman said. “The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office takes every threat seriously and we will leave no stone unturned nor spare any expense to resolve these and keep our kids safe. Our 43 school resources deputies work alongside our school partners every day to make this happen.”

Davison sent a letter to parents and guardians Friday morning to inform them of the incident. He also met with school staff.

“We are deeply thankful for the assistance of our district’s School Safety Department and the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office throughout the investigation,” Davison wrote in the letter. “While we are unable to share more details with you due to minor/student confidentially laws, please know that the individual did not have access to weapons and will not be returning to our school.”

Davison stated he also planned to announce the incident to students Friday. During the day, he said staff members will be able to help them with any questions or concerns they have surrounding the incident.