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UNG student's claims of homicide, sexual assault were unfounded, police say
Police lights

After a week of investigation, the University of North Georgia’s Department of Public Safety determined a report of a homicide and sexual assault were unfounded due to a UNG student telling “elaborate false stories to multiple people in her life,” according to a report.

UNG’s officers first received reports Nov. 30 from two UNG students reporting that their roommate told them she had poisoned her rapist with hemlock, a poisonous plant, years ago, though they did not remember his name.

Police were also told the victim died in a car wreck because of a heart attack induced by the hemlock. Despite other people telling police about hearing similar versions of the story alleging murder, the student denied saying it when talking with police during an interview.

The report noted the “severe disruption and interference” with the university’s operations caused by this incident.

“This incident has caused panic among the community both locally, and those distant but related to UNG,” the report stated. “I received copies of over 11 different posts to UNG social media pages in which parents were worried about the murder allegation.”

The district attorney’s office informed law enforcement “they did not see any strong case” in charging the woman, a student on the Dahlonega campus of the university. 

“This case seems to be one where (the student) imagined and told elaborate false stories to multiple people in her life dating back to 2020 before she became a UNG student,” according to the report. “(The student’s) motive for these stories (is) unknown at this time.”

UNG’s Vice President of University Relations Kate Maine said she did not have an estimate on hours or resources spent in investigating this case.

The officer’s report noted he found the allegations had no basis in truth as the student had denied being sexually assaulted and denied murdering someone.

The student’s mother called and acknowledged “(the student) needed mental health treatment so they were acquiring her treatment,” according to the report.

 This article was originally posted by the Gainesville Times, a sister publication to Forsyth County News.