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City council approves '22 budget, CPD officers honored at meeting
City Police Awards
Members of the Cumming Police Department were recently recognized with awards and promotions at a Cumming City Council meeting.

The city of Cumming will operate with a balanced $42.4 million budget in 2022.

At a meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 7, members of the Cumming City Council unanimously approved the city’s 2022 budget at a total of $42.4 million. The total is the sum of the general ($15.5 million), water and sewer ($25.8 million) and capital projects ($1.1 million) funds.

“Tonight, I’m asking you to consider approving the 2022 budget and adopting the attached 2022 budget resolution,” said City Administrator Phil Higgins.

The adopted budget is about $3.5 million greater than the 2021 adopted budget of $38.9 million.

For the general fund, the largest expected revenues are about $8.7 million in administration fees, $1.6 million from the aquatic center, $1.5 million from the Cumming Fairgrounds, $1.1 million from the municipal court and $1.1 million from planning and zoning.

For revenues, one of the largest increases will come from the city’s municipal court, which had expected revenue of $450,000 in the 2021 budget.

The fund’s largest planned expenditures are $3,009,550 for the police department, almost $2 million in street work, $1.9 million for parks and recreation and $1.8 million for the fairgrounds. There is also a contingency of $1.2 million.

One of the biggest changes in expenditures for next year is for capital improvements, which was adopted at $19,065 in 2021 and $1,070,935 in 2022.

For the water and sewer fund, the largest revenues are $12,000,000 for water sales, $8.3 million for sewer charges, $3.8 million for sewer plant reserves.

The largest planned expenditures for that fund are $8.8 million for capital improvements, $7.7 million for distribution, $4.7 million for production and $4.4 million for waste water.

At a council work session in July, the budget was previously discussed and a public hearing was held.


CPD Service Awards

Along with approving the city’s budget, the meeting was also a chance to celebrate the City’s police force.

Cumming Police Chief David Marsh gave out the department’s service awards.

“You guys do work that is so necessary to our community, even though most of it will never be seen or heard by anybody else, and I appreciate everything that y’all do,” Marsh told officers ahead of the awards.

Marsh said from the beginning of the year through Dec. 1, the police department handled 7,228 911 calls for service, 11,638 self-initiated calls, about 600 accidents and 411 arrests.

“Like I said [earlier,] gone are the days where there was one stoplight in this community and the officers sit around all day and they hope somebody drives by,” Marsh said. “These guys and girls stay busy every single day, every single night, seven days a week, 365 days a year.”

Officers who received awards were:

Sgt. Benjamin Haack - Awarded 2021 Supervisor of the Year and Life Saving Award.

Cpl. Jonathan Fitzpatrick - Awarded the Life Saving Award.

Detective Sergeant Nicole Esquilin - Awarded 2021 Officer of the Year.

Detective P.J. Girvan - Awarded the Life Saving Award.

Cpl. Brent Anderson - Awarded the Life Saving Award.

Officer William Knight - Awarded the Life Saving Award.

Cpl. Coy Turner - Awarded the Life Saving Award and received a promotion from Officer to Corporal.

“Thanks to the chief, and thanks to all you guys,” Mayor Troy Brumbalow told officers at the meeting. “We appreciate you more than you know.”