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County approves a new distillery and other alcohol decisions

A distillery coming to North Forsyth, a slew of new alcohol licenses and some potential changes to Forsyth County’s alcohol code were among several alcohol-related issues that came before county commissioners at a recent meeting. 

All votes were approved 4-0, with Chairwoman Laura Semanson absent, unless otherwise noted. 

A new use at NoFo 

A Forsyth County brewery will soon be able to also distill spirits. 

Commissioners approved an alcohol license for a manufacturer distillery on the premises for NoFo Brewing, LLC at their location at 6150 Georgia Hwy. 400 Stes. A-B. 

“Y’all are doing a booming business,” said District 4 Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills. “You’ve woke up the north end of the county, that’s for sure.” 

NoFo opened in 2019 as the first brewery in the North Forsyth area. 

New places to stop for a drink 

During the meeting, a number of local restaurant and businesses were approved for new alcohol licenses. 

Those businesses include: 

  • Catrina's Mexican Grill, LLC (5354 McGinnis Ferry Rd, Ste. 208); 
  • CT Al Pastor Taqueria (6330 Halcyon Way, Ste. 740); 
  • PJ'S Liquor's (5485 Bethelview Road, Ste. 240); 
  • Forte International Spirits, Inc. (4255 Trotters Way, Ste. 6A); 
  • VJ Food Mart (8585 Browns Bridge Road); 
  • Citgo Gas & Food (8430 Browns Bridge Road); 
  • Quanto Basta (2950 Buford Hwy, Suite 100) 

New rules for hotels 

Hotels in Forsyth County may soon be allowed to sell alcohol directly to customers. 

During the meeting, commissioners held the first of two required public hearings on changes to the county’s alcohol ordinance for hotels, including reduction of dining room seating requirements and in-room service applications. 

County officials said the change would allow the sale of beer and wine on the premises, as long as certain parameters are met, and made changes to other definitions. The change would mean customers could drink alcohol in the lobby or their rooms. 

There were no speakers during the public hearing, and the matter will come back to commissioners at a future meeting.