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District 2 Commissioner Dennis Brown looks back at time served on board
Dennis Brown
Dennis Brown

District 2 Commissioner and retired U.S. Army Col. Dennis Brown led his last invocation and pledge of allegiance at a Forsyth County Board of Commissioner’s meeting on Thursday, Dec. 17. Members of the board had kind words to share about Brown and many well-wishes for all his future endeavors.

“I have appreciated my time on the board with [Dennis Brown], and it has been a delight to work with [him],” Chairwoman Laura Semanson said. “[He] is always level-headed, the voice of reason, the unshakable Dennis Brown, and I appreciate [him].”

During the meeting, Brown, a south Forsyth resident, expressed how proud he was of his friends on the board and staff, saying that it was an honor for him to work with everyone.

“I’m also proud of all the county employees and the staff,” Brown said in an interview with Forsyth County News. “They work very hard to do a good job, and they make people happy as much as they can.”

Brown took over then-District 2 Commissioner Rick Swope’s position in 2017 after Swope stepped down, and served the rest of the term until 2020.

“[My time on the board] has been very, I think, fulfilling and worthwhile, and it’s been an honor to serve the people of Forsyth County,” Brown said. “It’s been a good learning experience. We’ve had a few challenges along the way, like [COVID-19] and all of that, but overall it’s been a really great experience.”

When asked about his favorite projects he has been a part of over the last three years, Brown said he was proudest of the work he was able to accomplish regarding the infrastructure of roads in south Forsyth.

Brown was instrumental in finishing Sharon and Brookwood roads, and he was able to push through the remainder of Ronald Reagan Boulevard and the McGinnis Ferry Road widening.

“We [commissioners] just want what’s best for the county, and I feel confident that everything that I did [during my term] was meant toward that end,” Brown said. “I think I can say with 100% certainty that we tried to do the right thing and do right by everybody so that it was a win-win situation every time.”

Before coming to the BOC, Brown served in the U.S. Army for 30 years and worked in Georgia Homeland Security. Brown also obtained a doctorate from Kennesaw State University in 2018 and has been teaching classes part-time there for the past seven years. He currently teaches cybercrime, law and terrorism classes.

Brown is excited to continue teaching at KSU after his term on the board, but he is looking forward to being an active resident of Forsyth County.

“I’ll still always be involved in the community,” Brown said. “And … make a difference when opportunities present themselves.”

Starting in 2021, Alfred John will take over Brown’s seat as the upcoming District 2 Commissioner, serving south Forsyth. During the later parts of his term, Brown has been working closely with John to help with the transition.

“I think Alfred’s going to do a great job,” Brown said. “He’s a very hard worker and very knowledgeable. He’s already ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals) Chairman, so he’s very knowledgeable of how Forsyth County government works. I think he’ll do a great job and work hard for the citizens.”

Brown ended his term on Tuesday, Dec. 22, attending his last work session as the District 2 Commissioner.