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Forsyth County receives highest score to date for commercial building code enforcement
Village Italian

Insurance Services Offices Inc., or ISO, issued Forsyth County a Building Code Effectiveness Grading Classification of 3 for commercial and industrial properties, the highest score the county has ever received for the category, according to a news release.

ISO is an independent statistical, rating and advisory organization that serves the property/casualty insurance industry. 

The organization collects information on a community’s building-code adoption and enforcement services, analyzes the data and then assigns a Building Code Effectiveness Classification from 1 to 10. Class 1 represents exemplary commitment to building-code enforcement. The average class rating in Georgia for commercial properties is 5. 

“The report helps insurance underwriters determine insurance rates for the county’s commercial buildings, so having a high rating can not only bring value to existing industry, but it can also help to attract additional business to the county,” said Vivian Vakili, director of Building and Economic Development.

“We are very pleased with this rating increase as it places Forsyth County in the top 5% in the state for commercial class ratings,” she said. “The rating also reflects the robustness of our staff.” 

The most recent report was created using the Building Code Effectiveness Grading Classification survey conducted in March. 

According to the release, ISO classifications are issued every five years and the last classification rating the county received for commercial was a Class 5 in 2016. 

More information on Building Code Effectiveness Grading Classification ratings can be found by visiting