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How Forsyth County residents can apply online for homestead, school tax exemptions
FCN Forsyth County Administration Building

The Forsyth County government has announced a new way for residents to apply for homestead and school tax exemptions.

In a news release, Forsyth County officials said residents applying for a homestead exemption can now use the Smartfile Tax Exemption Application tool located on the county’s website.

“We are excited to offer an entirely online option for residents to apply for these exemptions,” Forsyth County Chief Appraiser Mary Kirkpatrick said in the release. “Of course, anyone can still apply for an exemption in-person at the Board of Assessors office, but now residents can apply for exemptions from the comfort of home if they so choose.”

Homestead exemptions reduce property taxes on residential properties for homeowners who own and live on the property and are legal county residents as of Jan. 1 of the tax year.

Applications can be filed anytime but must be sent in by April 1 to receive benefits for that year.

Homeowners ages 65 and older before Jan. 1 are also entitled to a full exemption for school general and school bond tax categories.

More information ontax exemptions is available here.