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New fire training center, emergency sirens discussed at BOC work session
FCN Forsyth County Administration Building

A new fire training facility on Martin Road and new outdoor weather signals were recently discussed by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners.

At their work session on Tuesday, Oct. 27, the commissioners approved the Forsyth County Fire Department’s request to begin planning for a new Fire Department Training Academy and Logistics Center.  

It was estimated that the master plan would take about 10 weeks to finish and that the fire department would return to the BOC to present their plans. If and when the fire department moves forward with the development of the training facility, they will present construction plans as separate documents.

The BOC awarded Croft & Associates $61,140. The motion carried unanimously with a 5-0 vote.

The Fire Department is still in the early stages of this project, but they are hoping to be able to break ground sometime in the middle of next year. “The fire department is very excited about this,” Donna Kukarola, procurement director said.

Coal Mountain Overlay and Martin Road have been taken into consideration, according to Kukarola and Fire Chief Barry Head, and they have said they will notify the community as soon as any decision is made after planning.

The Board of Commissioners approved the development and installation of five additional outdoor warning sirens in Forsyth County. All the sirens will work with the system that exists with the current warning sirens, ATI Systems.

The installation of new sirens will allow warning notifications to be heard from all different parts of the county, filling in any empty gaps between sirens. The new sirens will also help notify people outdoors and indoors of severe weather warnings.

“It’s really important to find a way to get those warning sirens inside the home,” Chris Grimes, director of the Forsyth County Emergency Management Agency said. “These sirens are meant to be heard outdoors so that you can get inside and get to shelter.”

These new sirens will be installed in five different locations across the county: South Forsyth High School, Bald Ridge Campground, Fowler Park, Kelly Mill Elementary School and Lanier Park.

The cost for this project is $137,892. The motion to approve this request was unanimous, with a 5-0 vote.

The EMA is also working to design signs to place in the locations of the new sirens so that communities will know what to expect and can prepare for them.