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Mixed-use development approved on Buford Dam Road
City Hall

A new mixed-use development has been approved on Buford Dam Road.

At a recent Cumming City Council meeting, members voted 3-1, with Councilmembers Linda Ledbetter opposed and Christopher Light recused, to approve a request to rezone about 70 acres to R2 moderate-family conservation subdivision district for single-family homes and townhomes.

The proposal is for about 85 townhomes and around 180 single-family units. Another 10 acres of the land is planned for an office use, and the project will also include 30 acres, about 43% of the total development of green space and nature trails. 

Ledbetter said she was not in favor of the proposal due to smaller lot sizes than usually allowed in the zoning district and that the applicant should have applied for a larger zoning category.

“I disagree with the minimum lot size going from 15,000 to 5,200 [square feet], and I know you’re probably not going to change that, but I can’t vote for that,” she said.

Emory Lipscomb, a zoning attorney representing the development, said the smaller lots were requested because the development is a conservation subdivision, which has a focus on open space. He said the development would not be able to support both the open space and larger lot sizes

“This is a conservations subdivision, and the tradeoff in that is you have smaller lots,” Lipscomb said.

The approval included conditions that street parking for two consecutive evenings would not be allowed and requiring five-foot sidewalks through the development. 

Cumming Planning and Zoning Director Scott Morgan previously told the Forsyth County News the development will connect with another 50-acre parcel on Market Place Boulevard, Sanders and Mary Alice Park roads, which will be used for retail, medical offices and other uses. The connecting parcel will not be rezoned. 

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