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Dolezal retains District 27 state Senate seat
District 27 state Sen. Greg Dolezal - photo by For the FCN

Greg Dolezal (Incumbent) is ahead for the District 27 State House seat in the Tuesday, No. 3, election. Dolezal, a small business owner, has worked in office to pass legislation that aligns with his passions and projects. As of midnight on Wednesday Nov. 4, Republican Greg Dolezal has earned 71,252 total or 75.02% of the vote over Democrat Brooke Griffiths (withdrawn), who earned 23,730 total or 24.98% of the vote.

Who he is: Dolezal has worked in office to expand healthcare pricing transparency, end healthcare surprise billing, reduce high-stakes testing in public schools and help secure state funding for needed road expansion in Forsyth County. He has worked on local issues in Forsyth County that impact the daily lives of Forsythians, leading in economic development and job creation, education and infrastructure.

On the issues: Dolezal’s first priority will be to pass a balanced budget that reflects the values of Georgians. He plans to review the tax code thoroughly to eliminate special tax interest breaks. Dolezal is passionate about lightening the load on hard-working Georgians’ backs. Dolezal would also like to see continued infrastructure funding for Forsyth County, lower prescription drug prices and lower income taxes. He will also stand against human trafficking and child exploitation.