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Election 2020 Preview: State House District 22
District 22.jpg
State Rep. Wes Cantrell and Democratic challenger Charlesravenscraft will face off for District 22 in Forsyth and Cherokee counties

Wes Cantrell (Incumbent)

Party: Republican  

Age: 59

Occupation: Young Marrieds Pastor at Woodstock Baptist Church  

Time living in the district: 28 years

For voters who may not know, can you give a rundown of what you have accomplished in your previous terms in office?

“I’ve been in office 3 terms. This next term will be my last as I have term-limited myself to 4 terms. I have sponsored legislation to term limit state legislators every term I’ve served and will do so again this coming term if re-elected.

“My first bill I passed is actually the one I am most proud of. It required schools to provide parents whose children have disabilities with information about Georgia’s Special Needs Scholarship.

“I’m proud of legislation I have worked on to protect the lives of babies in our state. I’m proud to have worked on legislation which lowered the state income tax rate twice. I’m proud to have advocated for fully funding public education while at the same time working hard to provide parents with the options they need to make sure their child gets the education they need to succeed.

I’m proud to have fought against bringing casinos to Georgia which would cause great damage to our economy.”

If elected, what are your biggest legislative priorities for your term?

“If re-elected, I have 4 priorities in legislation. I will once again introduce a resolution for a constitutional amendment to term limit state legislators as well as the Lieutenant Governor. I will introduce legislation again to provide more school choice for Georgia families, especially those trapped in the cycle of poverty. I’m going to advocate for reform of our Board of Pardons & Parole, and I’m going to fight to eliminate Time Change in our state.”

What else do you think voters should know about you and your campaign?

“My constituents know that I am accessible and will do all in my power to assist them with any issue they have.”

Charles Ravenscraft

Party: Democratic

Age: 41

Occupation: Union Electrician IBEW LU 613

Time living in the district: 7 years

Can you tell voters what made you want to run for this seat?

“I ran for this seat in 2018 as well and the reason I ran was because I wanted to give people a choice on who they would like to vote for.  I also consider it a civic duty.”

If elected, what are your biggest legislative priorities for your term?

“My biggest legislative priorities will be; Expand Medicaid, Raise the Minimum Wage, and Establish a statewide Vocational Curriculum in High Schools.”

What else do you think should voters know about you and your campaign?

“I am an average working family person.  I experience the same issues everyday people face.  I think of the job as State Rep. as a steward for the district to their government.”