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Election 2020 Preview: State House District 25
District 25 race
Incumbent state Rep. Todd Jones (left) will face a challenge from Democrat Christa Olenczak (right) for the District 25 seat for the Georgia House of Representatives.

Todd Jones (Incumbent)

Party: Republican 

Age: 53

Occupation: Technology Executive

Time living in the district: 13.5 years

For voters who may not know, can you give a rundown of what you have accomplished in your previous terms in office?

“Constituent feedback consistently informs me of the district’s priorities. Pre-COVID, these areas of focus were a) education, b) the economy, c) healthcare and d) transportation. Hence, a majority of my policy engagement was working to ensure education outcomes continuously improved across the district and state, the economy continued to expand with limited regulation, healthcare options expanded to new mothers and babies and ultimately greater investment into transportation infrastructure.”

If elected, what are your biggest legislative priorities for your term?

“Today, seven months into the COVID pandemic, those four priorities remain top of mind within the district, but a balanced COVID response is critical where Georgian’s health and welfare are the primary focus coupled with a safe, aggressive re-opening of the entire economy. Further, my education focus will be on quality, rigorous access to quality curriculum for all K-12 students, a commitment to enhancing Georgia’s position as a 3D printing leader in the country, a healthcare policy that would provide low-income Georgian’s with greater access to no-cost services and an expansion of our transportation options across Metro Atlanta.”

What else do you think voter should know about you and your campaign?

“Since taking my oath in January of 2017, my focus has been on a) constituent services, b) out-of-the-box policy thinking and c) gaining consensus amongst my colleagues to pass legislation beneficial to the district and state. COVID has placed an absolute premium on the former, constituent services. I hope all of my constituents know, that I have a passion for policy brainstorming, but an even bigger commitment to serving my neighbors, friends and ultimately all members of our community. Today, my days are filled with helping people navigate unemployment, garner food stamps and qualify for healthcare assistance; many for the first time in their lives. I want to be there for them today, in their time of need, but also tomorrow when better days are ahead.”

Christa Olenczak

Party: Democratic 

Age: 43

Occupation: Project Manager

Time living in the district: 15 years

Can you tell voters what made you want to run for this seat?

 “I am running for HD25 for my son, all of our children, and for our neighbors. I want to work for a better future for everyone. I have watched our state government make  decisions that are not in the best interest of the people they affect and we are not planning the future. I want to see leadership who considers the people first and can see how what they are doing today will affect us tomorrow. From our education, to our healthcare, to our environment, to equality - I want leadership that reflects the values and voices of our changing district; leadership who will put the good of the people and our futures first. I decided to run so I could be that leader for all of us.”

If elected, what are your biggest legislative priorities for your term?

“Bring new revenue into our government so we can fully fund our schools to ensure our educators have the resources they need and ensure every child has the opportunity of a quality education. 

“Expand Medicaid in Georgia to ensure thousands of more Georgians have access to affordable healthcare. The Medicaid Waiver program will cover fewer Georgians and cost more money - we need solutions that will help the people and be fiscally responsible.

“Properly fund our Environmental Protection Department and hold polluters accountable for clean air and water, and begin working toward a Green Economy and plans to respond to the economic, environmental, and health impacts of climate change.”

What else do you think voters should know about you and your campaign?

“Our children are our future leaders, doctors, teachers, etc… As parents and a community it is our charge to do what we can do today to set them up for success tomorrow. When we work for our children to have a quality education, good healthcare, and a healthy environment we will all benefit. 

“I believe in our district and in Georgia and know we can do better for our children and each other. I know we can work together to pass policies which put you, our neighbors, and our children first to create a better, more inclusive, and prosperous Georgia.”