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Election 2020 Preview: State House District 26
District 26.jpg
Republican Lauren McDonald, III (left) and Democrat Jason Boskey (right) will face off for the Georgia state House District 26 seat currently held by Rep. Marc Morris.

Lauren McDonald, III

Party: Republican 

Age: 52

Occupation: Business Owner

Time living in the district: 21 years

Can you tell voters what made you want to run for this seat?

“I am running for state representative because I believe our community deserves more connectivity and better influence when it comes to our state’s decision-making process. Forsyth County is one of the fastest-growing counties in our state. We have incredible schools, thriving local businesses and a quality of life that we all want to protect. My family opened a business here, we are raising our family here, and we are deeply committed to serving our community. With 22 years as a firefighter and EMT and now as your Coroner, in addition to my involvement in Rotary, non-profit boards, Lake Lanier and a number of youth sports organizations, I am just wired to serve. My values and priorities are well-aligned with this district.  I have the relationships here in our community as well as within the State Capitol to strengthen our position and deliver what our district really needs.”

If elected, what are your biggest legislative priorities for your term?

“First and foremost, we have to reinforce our economy as we continue to manage the impact of Covid-10.  Job growth in our district was strong at the beginning of this year, and I will support and promote legislation to keep taxes low, retain our Right to Work status, and remove any obstacles for small businesses to create jobs and attract business.  Second, we must safeguard our first-class educational system. Forsyth County Schools have long served as a benchmark for other school systems in our state, and that has become even more apparent as we have a spotlight on our approach to restarting schools in the midst of this pandemic. Third is Public Safety - with my career as a first responder, my partnership with our Sheriff's Office and involvement in community safety programs, I am well-equipped to represent our district's best interests. I will ensure that our voice in Atlanta is clear when it comes to our support for law and order as well as expanding programs to combat the growth in drug-related crimes and incidents in ‘The Triangle.’”

What else do you think voters should know about you and your campaign?

“Forsyth County has so many strengths and so much potential. As we face the expansion of the technology corridor up Ga. 400, I want to leverage the talent and resources that our district has to offer and work to protect what is most important to those I represent. That includes controlled growth that preserves Lake Lanier, the Chattahoochee River and our beautiful foothill community while protecting our water resources. I will also fight for more proactive transportation and infrastructure solutions for our district. My intent as your state representative is to provide bold leadership and collaboration that unites our community, best represents our vision,  gives Forsyth County deeper connectivity and better influence in our state government.”

Jason Boskey 

Party: Democratic

Age: 47

Occupation: Banker

Time living in the district: 4 years

Can you tell voters what made you want to run for this seat?

“I'm running for the seat for two main reasons.  One, the state of Georgia needs more pragmatism and more financial expertise deciding and debating the issues that face our state, particularly as it relates to revenue collection and prioritizing the allocation of those revenues.  Second, I believe it's important that people understand there's a choice to be had in November.  Were I not running, a political scion would be lifted to the legislature without opposition.  26 deserves a choice.”

If elected, what are your biggest legislative priorities for your term?

“We need to find a way to balance the budget in such a way that we aren't providing incentives for businesses to serve Georgia but not be located in Georgia, but also to provide long term benefit for everyone in Georgia.  In my opinion, part of that is ensuring high quality, high-speed internet is available throughout the state at free market rates.  Monopolies and oligopolies are not friends of the free market.”

What else do you think voters should know about you and your campaign?

“I am a technocrat and pragmatic in my approach to all issues.  I also believe that the most beneficial path for our state and for our country is one that embraces cosmopolitanism.  That is to say, we are a nation of many cultures, and none should be explicitly or implicitly favored over any other.  We should strive to be able to freely mingle and mix without fear or concern, respecting that my neighbor walks next to me, not behind me nor in front of me.”