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Election 2020 Preview: State Senate District 27
District 27 state Sen. Greg Dolezal - photo by For the FCN

Greg Dolezal (Incumbent)

Party: Republican

Age: 41

Occupation: Small business owner (technology)

Time living in the district: 14 years

For voters who may not know, can you give a rundown of what you have accomplished in your previous terms in office?

“In my first term, I worked on legislation to expand health care pricing transparency, end healthcare surprise billing, reduce high stakes testing in public schools, and helped secure state funding for needed road expansion in Forsyth County. I voted against every tax increase that came across my desk, fought to ensure the integrity of the ballot box, and worked to ensure a quality education for all Georgia students. Outside of the day to day duties of voting, I have worked on local issues that impact the day to day life of Forsythians working hand in hand with local elected officials to lead on economic development and job creation, education, infrastructure expansion, and most recently, helping many constituents with assistance as they faced unemployment from the pandemic.”

If elected, what are your biggest legislative priorities for your term?

“If elected, our first priority will be to pass a balanced budget that reflects the values of Georgians. As we have seen so many citizens face hard economic times, we need to review our tax code from top to bottom and eliminate special interest tax breaks so we can lighten the burden on hard-working Georgians. We need to see continued infrastructure funding for Forsyth County, lower prescription drug prices, aggressively stand against human trafficking and child exploitation, and lower income taxes for all Georgians.” 

What else do you think voters should know about you and your campaign?

“I have provided consistent, Conservative representation at the Gold Dome. At the end of the day, I’m just like so many of our citizens who own a home here, work a full time job in our community, and send our children to our excellent schools. Years of conservative leadership have made Forsyth County one of the most desirable places to live in the Country, and we need to continue to lead with our values at the Capitol.”

[Dolezal will face Democratic challenger Brooke Griffiths on the ballot, though Griffiths has previously announced that she had suspended her campaign and she and her family have moved out of the state due to challenges caused by COVID-19]