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Election 2020 Results: Georgia's 7th Congressional District
District 7 race
Democratic candidate Carolyn Bourdeaux and Republican candidate Rich McCormick will face off on the Nov. 3 ballot to replace incumbent Rep. Rob Woodall, who did not seek re-election.

As of 1 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4, the race between Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux and Republican Rich McCormick for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District, which has been highly prized by both parties, still does not have a definitive winner.

McCormick held a lead by about 5,000 votes early Wednesday, earning 156,382 votes, about 50.9% of the 307,428 votes that had been counted as of that time, compared to Bourdeaux, who earned 151,046 votes, or about 49.1% of the total.

McCormick leads Forsyth County with 56,278 of the county's 84,927 ballots cast, about 66.3% of the total, compared to Bourdeaux's 28,649 votes, or 33.7% of the total. 

In Gwinnett, Bourdeaux received 122,397 votes, about 55% of the 222,501 ballots cast, and McCormick received 100,104 votes, about 45% of the total, as of press time. 

Thousands of ballots still need to be counted in Gwinnett County due to a software error, according to media outlets. Both campaigns said late Tuesday night they are assessing the situation to determine a timeline for when to settle the election.

The seat has been held by incumbent Rep. Rob Woodall, a Republican, since 2011.

Carolyn Bourdeaux 

Who is she: Carolyn Bourdeaux teaches at Georgia State University and was formerly worked at the Georgia Senate Budget and Evaluation Office and was chair of the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management. She faced incumbent Rep. Rob Woodall in 2018.

On the issues: She is in favor of affordable health care by strengthening the Affordable Care Act,  supporting small business recovery in the aftermath of COVID-19 and passing comprehensive immigration reform, including establishing a path to citizenship for DREAMers, or those who were brought to the country undocumented as minors.

Rick McCormick

Who is he: McCormick is an emergency medicine physician at Northside Hospital Gwinnett and served for more than 20 years in the Marine Corps and Navy as a pilot and emergency medicine physician, serving in combat zones in Africa, the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.

On the issues: He supports making health care more affordable and accessible but is opposed to the Affordable Care Act and other attempts at federal healthcare. He is also in favor of securing the nation's borders and to expand economic opportunities by supporting President Trump's tax cuts, reducing regulations and promoting entrepreneurship.