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Election certification moved to Friday
Primary 6-9-20
Followers took advantage of the large multi-purpose room at the Central Park recreation center, placing various stations visited by voters as far apart as possible. - photo by Jim Dean

As election officials continue to process votes, the June 9 primary will be certified at 9 a.m. on Friday, June 19.

Though originally planned for Tuesday, June 16, the certification was moved to Friday “in order to ensure those voters whose absentee ballots have been rejected due to missing signature/mismatch signature have adequate time to respond to a cure notice,” according to a release from the Forsyth County Department of Voter Registrations and Elections.

Mandi Smith, the department's director, said letters were mailed to 61 absentee voters over the weekend that either did not sign their Oath of Elector on the ballot envelope or the signature does not match what the department has on file for the voter. 

Earlier in the absentee voting, another 89 absentee voters with similar issues were mailed letters.

Those ballots will only be rejected if the voter does not complete the signature cure affidavit and submit a copy of their identification by Friday's meeting

Last week, Smith told Forsyth County News that poll workers were still processing mail-in ballots on Friday afternoon after receiving a much higher amount, more than 21,000, than they normally do.

At the time, poll workers were verifying signatures, making sure voters only voted once, updating the statewide database and would start opening ballots on Monday.

Voting by-mail was heavily promoted in light of COVID-19 but takes longer to process than in-person voting.

Though several races, such as the Republican and Democratic primaries for Georgia's 7th Congressional District, have already seen candidates declare victory, those results will not be official until the election is certified.