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Jones to seek re-election in 2020
District 25 state Rep. Todd Jones
District 25 state Rep. Todd Jones

A state lawmaker representing south Forsyth and north Fulton counties says he is running for re-election in 2020.

District 25 state Rep. Todd Jones, a Republican, told the Forsyth County News this week he was planning to run once again for the seat he has held since 2017.

“The biggest thing about running for re-election really comes down to we have some unfinished business, both in Forsyth County and also, as a party, for the state,” Jones said on Friday. “When you reflect on where we are as a state, we have – under GOP leadership the last 14 years – made tremendous progress on the fiscal side.”

Along with fiscal issues, including the state retaining a AAA bond rating through the economic downturn, Jones said he is also proud of work done in the state on educational issues, including fully funding quality basic education, or QBE, and passing requirements for computer science.

“These are things kids need in this generation as base-level skills, not just something that they’d like to have, but they need to have, and the computer science bill we passed last year not only puts computer science mandatory in the system, but it also allows schools systems to share computer science teachers,” he said.

If re-elected, Jones said he wants to work on creative solutions to issues in the state, including one that particularly impacts his district – traffic.

“We need to continue to press and press and press on alternative transportation technology,” Jones said. “We cannot expand the roads as much as we need to as fast as we need to. The fact of the matter is that is part of the solution. The other part of the solution is leveraging autonomous vehicles, it’s leveraging smart traffic lights, it’s leveraging air taxis, it’s leveraging all the technology coming out so we can move traffic better, get more traffic through the existing arteries, and then being able to use technology.”

On the business side, Jones said he would like to see Forsyth County attract more manufacturing and technology businesses in emerging industries, such as 3D printing, on the south side of the county.

“When we think about becoming the technological capital of the east side of the United States of America, it’s one thing to say, ‘Hey, we’re recruiting in all these tech companies,’ which is great,” Jones said. “It’s one thing to say, ‘We’re incubating all of these tech companies,’ which is marvelous, but we need to be known as that region that has a true leadership position in up-and-coming technologies, and that really is in manufacturing.”

Jones is vice chair of the House’s governmental affairs, judiciary and science and technology committees and a member of the appropriations, budget and fiscal affairs oversight, code revision, economic development & tourism, education, industry and labor and special committee to access on quality healthcare committees.

Democrat Christa Olenczak, a political newcomer who works in the telecommunications industry, announced her intention to challenge Jones for the seat this past week.

Jones, a technology executive, holds Juris Doctor and bachelor of arts in finance degrees from the University of Florida and lives in south Forsyth with his wife, Tracey, with whom he has four children.

More information about Jones’ campaign is available at