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Wine tasting is great way to spend night out
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Forsyth County News

Have you ever been to a wine tasting?

I have been to some fun ones over the years, and most of them are educational. And you can attend a wine tasting without even leaving Forsyth County.

Recently I attended one at the Georgia Liquor Barn on Atlanta Highway in Cumming, where there is an attached room for Friday night wine tastings.

Scott Remington, the store’s manager and wine consultant, said the store wants its customers to feel relaxed and at the same time learn something about the world of wine.

During the tastings, customers can purchase a flight, or several samples, of wine, choosing about five or six different ones.

If wine isn’t your thing, you can sample five or six craft beers.

And following the tasting, if you want to buy a glass of wine or beer, you can choose the one you want.

During the one I attended, Scott featured high-end wines in an event he calls "Scott’s Picks."

Scott said he features these wines as a way to thank his regular customers, as well as a way to attract new ones. During the recent tasting, one of the wines retailed for a whopping $90 a bottle. Although I’ve never played the lottery, I’m pretty sure I would have to win it big time before I spent that much on wine.

As we tried each wine, Scott explained where it comes from, what you taste as far as "notes" and "bouquets," as well as other wine-speak.

The room filled up quickly, and pretty soon it was bustling with groups having a good time.

I spotted four women who looked like good friends and went over to speak with them. One of them, Keri Berry, told me the group often stops by the wine tasting.

Keri, a mother of two and part-time nurse, said they often attend the tasting, having a glass of wine before heading out for their evening. What a great idea.

Scott holds the wine and craft beer tastings from 6-9 p.m. each Friday. Typically there’s a theme, like wines from various countries or wineries.

Coming up soon, Scott will have a tasting featuring wines from Waterstone Winery in Napa Valley, and he said one of the winemakers will be at the tasting.

"It is always fun to meet the actual winemakers and ask questions," Scott said.

And selecting a good wine doesn’t have to be an expensive venture. Scott said there are plenty of good wines out there for less than $15 dollars, and any good wine consultant can steer you toward the perfect bottle for whatever occasion.

"I always tell people that I am not going to sell them a bad bottle of wine — I taste all of them before I sell them," he said.

And Scott encourages visitors to not be intimidated by wine.

"There are no bad questions when it comes to wine. I love when people come in and want recommendations, I am always happy to help."


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