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Ashway: An Ode to College Football
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Forsyth County News

Come one, come all, you’ll have a ball;

The perfect way to spend the fall!

So raise your voice and lift a cheer:

It’s college football’s time of year!

That talk in Athens ain’t no jive;

The Bulldogs start out Number Five.

When September’s games are through

We’ll know just what these Dawgs can do.

A mighty offense back intact.

Their all-time best, and that’s a fact.

Still at the helm: Aaron Murray.

With some backs who really scurry.

New faces on the other side.

Will the defense play with pride?

If so, the Dawgs could win them all.

The schedule says they’ll take a fall.

What’s the good word on The Flats?

Will Tech be wearing more new hats?

The Jackets start out on a roll:

Last year they finally won a bowl.

At last the faithful get to see

Playing all the time: Vad Lee.

Receivers might be hard to find,

But Tech is not the passing kind.

Tech’s defense less likely to goof

Under the aegis of Ted Roof.

If this crew picks up the slack,

The Top Twenty Tech will crack.

The Ol’ Ball Coach?  He’s talkin’ loud;

His Gamecocks sure to please their crowd.

But now the schedule’s not to blame

If they fall short of the Big Game.

Guarded joy in the Gators camp.

Will they rally ‘round coach Muschamp?

A comeback season they did soil

With their no-show Sugar Bowl.

The Vols begin anew.  Again.

How many coaches has it been

Since Phillip Fulmer ran the show?

They never should have made him go.

Kentucky hired coach Mark Stoops.

Will football ever rival hoops?

Bet they play the same lame game.

No magic in the Stoops surname.

Saint Nick has been on quite a ride

With his champion Crimson Tide.

Three titles in the past four years.

Coach Saban’s dusted all his peers.

The pros gave LSU the shaft;

So many taken in the draft.

But Les Miles sings a happy tune;

He doubts we’ll see a Tiger swoon.

Auburn’s Tigers start anew.

That’s what three and nine will do.

With Ellis Johnson coaching "D"

Just how much better can they be?

What of the Clemson Tigers cause?

Their defense surely gives us paws.

No prob, with an offense buoyed

By the magic of Tajh Boyd.

Maybe we should hesitate;

Give a nod to Florida State.

Last year a solid twelve and two.

This year, a QB who is new.

Well cross my heart and bless my soul—

Duke finally made it to a bowl!

Coach Cut’s offense? Mighty fine.

But can the defense hold the line?

In the Big Ten, not much debate;

You gotta pick Ohio State.

How does the Urban Legend grow

After starting 12 and 0?

Michigan on the comeback trail;

Soon Brady Hoke’s men will prevail.

Nebraska might be tough to tame,

But Husker defense? What a shame.

Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame!

Laid an egg in their final game.

No we’ll see if they bounce back

With a new-old quarterback.

Who might we pick in the Big XII?

Is there a team we cannot shelve?

Cowboys, Longhorns and Sooners vie;

Frogs, Bears and Wildcats just might fly.

What’s the deal with Charlie Weis?

Large folks should be jolly, nice.

Can’t say that about this chap;

Called his Jayhawks so much crap.

Stanford’s the Pac-12 team to beat.

Their defense really brings the heat.

If they can beat the Ducks again

Looks like another Rose Bowl win.

Their coach left for the NFL,

But Oregon should still do well.

Quack Attack still fueled by speed;

Hard to find a glaring need.

A brand-new conference joins the show:

American Athletic, don’tcha know.

Louisville should lead the way,

But Rutgers likely comes to play.

So for now that’s all we’ll say.

Let the games get underway!

And when all the cheering’s done,

May your team be Number One!