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Letter: Listen and hear all of the voices when it comes to diversity
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Diversity benefits our community. 

It’s when well-intentioned plans are put in place to dictate people’s behavior that unintended consequences are created. Parents at the June 15th BOE meeting raised concerns regarding training Forsyth County Schools' employees receive through Diversity 101 and 201.

Unfortunately, the BOE will not make the training public via its website, which creates suspicion and speculation. 

If we can stand by the materials, and if taxpayers fund its development and implementation, then why not offer it to the entire community?

Did you know the statement “America is a melting pot” was listed as an example of what not to say in the March 2021 Diversity 101 materials?

Twenty-seven speakers with diverse backgrounds offered concerns about the DEI plan during the June 15th BOE meeting. 

I find it interesting [the Forsyth County News] June 16 article only featured politically charged quotes from three white, Republican males.

Why didn’t you give voice to the concerns of minorities, women, immigrants, or educators?

A Cuban-American parent who grew up poor in an 80% minority community expressed, “I don’t want my kids to be put in a situation where they’re labeled as one of two things — either implicitly biased and inherently racist or limited by their ethnicity. ...You can say that’s not what our children are being taught but that’s certainly what the staff is being trained on. ...There’s plenty of goodwill on both sides. Everybody wants to do what’s right for kids. Nobody here is advocating for racism. Nobody is here advocating to suppress people because of their views, because of their identity or their skin color.”

An African-American immigrant parent stated, “I’m very concerned about what our teachers are being trained in and encouraged to teach my kids. I’m referring to CRT training that is disguised as the DEI plan and training courses. Board members have promised that CRT is not being taught in FCS but fundamentals of CRT are being taught through the training program. So I have to ask the question, how does this not trickle down to our kids?”

There are more voices you missed. 

Be diverse and feature those too.

Traci Priego