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Letter: Making four new cities in county makes no sense
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The August 18 article by Mr. Whitmire left me asking one question — why?  We have a county with the best school system in the State, the lowest tax rate of any area in Metro Atlanta, an excellent police force that keeps crime low and our community safe, a great fire department with wonderful facilities, and even though we have some traffic issues, we see much construction and maintenance on our roads addressing the worst areas. Yes, we have different growth and density issues within the county, but the existing government we have handles them well. I can’t image how adding four mayors and anywhere from 24-32 new commission officials can make things run better. This looks like a page out of the Obama philosophy of “more government and bigger government makes for better government and anyone with intelligence knows how that turned out.

Hall County is also a fine place to live and has multiple cities. They spend about 30 percent of their time debating how to allocate tax dollars. We presently handle those issues well, don’t quadruple the number of players in the decision-making process. It appears that the 2 main groups of folks wanting more cities involves the “wanna be” politicians who want to boost their ego by having shots at new entities they can create, or the developers/lawyers that are frustrated that the existing government will not award them all the tax money zoning changes they request. We should ignore these folks and follow the time proven philosophy of “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.” 

Frank Frederick