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Letter to the editor
Good Americans should reclaim Democratic Party
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Forsyth County News
In response to Mr. Donald Price’s letter on Sunday Aug 8 (Democrat Voters Have Their Reasons):

Mr. Price claims that the Democratic party is still on the side of the common person, the lowly and humble, the poor, the worker.

Instead, Mr. Price’s beloved party has been hijacked by an insipid political machine that uses guilt and a very deceptive assertion claiming the ethical and moral high ground.

This machine derives money, power and benefits for it’s own (who are not poor) from the labor of others.

I ask Mr. Price how the working poor have benefited by this “yes we can” political movement? Why does this machine refuse to provide tax reform for the lower economic end of our society? Why is it raising the income tax of poor people by 50 percent?

I know why — greed. Real greed. Greed that obtains government institutional benefits, missing-man paychecks, followed by an early and inflated retirement on the backs of others. Omnipotent greed derived by political power in the name of the poor. Greed that absolutely must obtain and control the majority of wealth in this country.  

This is a movement derived by a thirst for power by elitist social architects who do not have to follow new socio-economic ultimatums.

And to whom the law of the land evidently does not apply. Lately, the facade of the Democratic Party is crumbling, revealing an ugly, greedy, bloated  government benefactor constituency. Day by day the pieces fall away. Decent people who care and want to help feel duped.

I used to be a Democrat. Now the party is unrecognizable. Good Americans have been hoodwinked. I will never look at your party the same again.
Sir, take your party back before it is permanently deformed. God help us all if you don’t.

Randy Kells